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#TakeofftoFerguson: Our First Christmas Tree!

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This is definitely one of the firsts I’ve been looking forward to since we got married in August! If you know me, then you know that I love Christmastime and the entire month of December; my birthday celebrations are still ongoing…because, once you’re born in December why stop partying, right? 

I have pots of poinsiettas littered around our home, mini Christmas trees make up the table center pieces; red bows and ornaments adorn the doors and hallways and mason jars are filled with shiny ornaments. The house carries the aromas of perfectly combined cinnamon sprinkles, sliced pumpkin, dashes of salted caramel and now pine, that’s because over the weekend we purchased our first Christmas tree! It’s safe to say #TakeoffToFerguson: The first Christmas is a go! 

Last Sunday after church we popped into a local Christmas tree farm and immediately started shopping. After inspecting a few branches and checking out the “fluffiness” of several trees, I spotted the winner a few feet away just waiting for me. The tree stood about seven feet tall and was so thick and sturdy. Its green pine needles were so vibrant and intoxicating, we just knew we couldn’t leave it in the store. We got the boys at the farm to tie it up and hoist it on the top of the car and we were on our way, tree and all! 

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At first I had every intention of decorating the tree with the traditional reds, greens and golds synonymous with the festive season, but shopping for ornaments is almost like a woman shopping for shoes…OMG I wanted to buy everything! The colors were so vibrant and everything sparkled and glistened…and smiled at my wallet! The spot we had previously identified for the tree is just in front of the accent wall in the living room; a cranberry, plum, burgundy-ish color, so I had to keep this in mind when choosing my color scheme.

After spending way too much time in the Kelly’s House and Home Christmas decor aisle, a pack of rose gold ornaments caught my eye and immediately, the reds, greens and golds were fired! I paired the trendy and modern tone with a pearly white set of adornments and picked up these clear ornaments with an irridescent finish to complete my color scheme.  

I wasted no time in decorating when I got home. After a good bowl of soup, hitting play on the “Christmas Songs” playlist, it was go time! It was such a great feeling watching our very first Christmas tree come alive with lights, these shiny decorative balls and even a star on top. By the time as Mariah Carey was belting out “All I want for Christmas is you,” I was done decorating and strategically moving ornaments around to achieve the perfect balance. 

We were pleasantly surprised when our friend Demetria over at Pineapples and Powertools gifted us this personalised ornament for our tree! Its vibrant green sparkles brought the party to those branches! It’s definitely a keeper and a must add to all our future Christmas shenanigans. 

So I had no idea that ornament giving was a thing! My sister also gifted us this beautiful and very tempting gingerbread family to add to our branches. 

Did you put up a tree this year? Was it your first? What’s the theme, color scheme? Tell me EVERYTHING! 

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  • Devi
    December 15, 2018

    The tree is beautiful! Very nice that you shared! Newly weds and those that were married for sometime can do similar activities with each other! It helps to keep the candle burning!