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I Had One Shot and Totally Blew It: My Ultimate Do-Over Wish!

I came across this comment on a photo posted to Instagram:


He’s actually right, in part! Dubai does seem to be the hot spot for travellers these days and Macau is absolutely PHENOMENAL. Anyone serious about travelling, and luxury travelling at that, should absolutely put this place on the bucket list. For me, I count my lucky stars each day that I actually got to go to both places…Macau and Dubai!!

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We met the most lovely ladies in the Dubai Miracle Garden!


Raindrops in Macau, China!

Travel to Show Thyself Approved

These days travel is pretty much one of the top 5 things I think about, talk about and plan out! That’s because over the past few years, I’ve been blessed enough to take some amazing trips that have opened my eyes, heart and mind to the magic of the world we live in.

But while I’m proud of my adventurous spirit showcased in Barcelona, Spain and love to tell the tales of living like the locals in Puerto Rico, or scroll through my exotic photos taken in Dubai, when I talk about my 2013 trip to Macau, China, I instantly get sad. I get sad because I was naiive, I was afraid and at the time travelling the world didn’t quite mean to me what it means now.


Arc de Triomph in Barcelona

Side note: It’s amazing how the space, mood and people you have in your life at any given time, directly influence (good or bad) how you see the world. Relationships at the time were unhealthy, counter productive and didn’t encourage me to seize opportunities and live life to the fullest. Anyways…I digress.

But it’s a new day, things have changed and I’ve been exposed to so much more. Now…

Travelling is like my thing; it's my therapy, my teacher, my balance Click To Tweet

This trip to Macau was my first ever big trip…and I was doing it kind of alone. I was there for work and some colleagues from some other news stations were there as well, but I was the only female on the trip and for some reason I found myself being alone most of the time.

After our work sessions and press conferences, I went back to my 27th floor (or was it 28th?) room in the Banyan Tree hotel and slept, or Skyped.


Cool for the summer in T.dOT!

P1010404 (1)

The lovliest flock! Puerto Rico is so beautiful!

Mistake #1

Why didn’t I seize the opportunity to sight see and meet people and shop for souvenirs and greet the world with open arms? Why didn’t I feel confident enough to roam the streets alone and get lost, stumbling upon Macau’s secrets on the way? Why didn’t I venture out to try new foods and drinks and treats? I tried the egg tarts in a mall, but that’s because Google said I should.

Why was I afraid to stop someone on the side of the street and say, “Hey take my pic!” or to go exploring alone and visit temples and museums and landmarks?

At the time, being a tourist didn’t interest me, for some weird, silly reason. At the time I wasn’t surrounded by people who encouraged growth and who were champions of living in the moment. I didn’t have people on my side who would call and say, “I read up on this place you should try, go check it out!” And while it was just me in Macau, I think I carried the weight of all that negative spirit. 

Don’t get me wrong, my support system has always been tight, but sometimes there’s that one person (or 2 of them) who you look to for that extra push.

But no excuses, it was my trip, my opportunity, my time to live in the moment and I blew it.


I guess I did make one friend in Macau 🙂

I Could’ve Done So Much More

Sure I had fun and did some things, saw some things, took photos and even went clubbing, but I didn’t immerse myself into the culture like I do now on my trips; being a tourist and getting adventurous, dancing in the streets and meeting the locals. I didn’t hike up mountains like I did in Puerto Rico, or roam the streets at 2 am in search of a local restaurant like I did in Barcelona, or sit in street restaurant at 3am and chat with the locals like I did in Dubai.


ATV riding with my girls in the Dubai desert!


Rooftop moments in Barcelona!

I pretty much blew it. The blog on my trip to Macau, compared to my other travel blogs, is pretty blah, and that’s because I let an opportunity to do it big slip through my fingers. Scroll back up to the beginning of this post and view the blogs from those other countries I visited, take a look at the photos, see the smile in my eyes and read the words that aptly describe those experiences and you’ll see that Macau’s post pales in comparison to the richness, fullness and adventurous spirit in the others.

I cringe every time I think about it.

I look back at those photos and they make me appreciative, though, that I had to chance to see such a beautiful place.  To travel to a side of the world others only dream of.

I spent 7 awesome days in Macau, but the photos are all of landscapes and buildings and colourful walls. There are hardly any photos of me doing things, seeing things, throwing myself into Macau and all its luxurious, posh, elegant glory!

So there it is; the one thing I wish I could definitely do over, the trip I want to take again. For some reason I know I’m not done with Macau, the earth is telling me that I’ll be back there soon…and oh, when I get there…there’s no stopping me!

What’s the one thing you had a shot at but blew? Whether a trip or big opportunity, what’s your do over wish? Leave comments below!



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  • Chrissy
    August 2, 2016

    Great piece… Know the feeling… Will share soon… ????????