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Guess What?! I’m Headed to Thailand!

Let the 2017 wanderlust begin!!!!! 

It’s a birthday gift I’m opening 3 months later but it’s soooooooooo worth the wait!

I’m super happy to announce in two days, I’ll be on my way to one of the most popular tourist destinations: PHUKET, THAILAND!

bahamas blogger, thailand, phuket

I am literally geeking out and cannot wait to get there…even though we’re gonna be flying for TWO FULL DAYS!!

(Jesus be a neck pillow and some sleeping pills!)

But, oh, when we land, we’ll be stepping our feet onto Thai soil and embarking on one of the most long awaited journeys ever. Thailand has been on the bucket list for almost three years now and when the opportunity came to make the trek, I was game.

Well…let me correct that, I MADE THE OPPORTUNITY HAPPEN! 

During one of my usual late night random Expedia searches, I decided to stop letting this dream trip sit on the back burner and plugged in dates for Thailand. And when I tell you that timing, prices and my coins all lined up…it was as if these tickets were waiting on me. This is going to be my second time in the continent of Asia, and I’ve been jonsein’ to go back ever since my trip to Macau, China in 2013! 

So as I’ve been counting down for this trip since December, I’ve been daydreaming of all the fun things I can’t wait to do. 

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Here’s what I’m looking forward to on my Thai adventure! 

Elephants, elephants, elephants 

bahamas blogger, elephants, thailand, phuketThis gentle giant is my absolute favorite animal, so I am shaking with excitement as we plan our itinerary and get some elephant trekking in there. I can’t wait to pet, feed, touch…not smell!!! LOL! As a responsible traveller and elephant lover, I’ve been reading up on elephant tourism in Thailand and will try my best to choose the most animal friendly companies! You guys, the minute I see one, I think I’m gonna cry! 

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The street food 

bahamas blogger, thai food, thailand, phuket

I hear that the food street vendors in Thailand rival the big name restaurants and are oh so good! Making life even better, it’s sooooo cheap and filling! I’m far from sensitive when it comes to food, so if it looks and smells good…I’m eating it! Although it might be in my best interest to not ask what it is! LOL! What ya don’t know can’t hurt ya…or gross you out! 

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The beaches, temples, floating markets 

Based on my research and photos I’ve seen, Thailand is an absolutely beautiful place; from the many islands sprawled around, the majestic temples and buildings and the colorful floating markets filled with fruits and veggies! I’m ready to soak in some color, sights and sounds as I get my fill of Thai culture! 

Bangkok, of course! 

I refuse to go this far on the next side of the world and not see the capital city!!!! The plan is to fly over to Bangkok for a few days to get our fill of the city! From the temples, to the night clubs, the hip spots; I wanna see it all! 

Of course this sounds like the ultimate tourist to-do list, but as always, when I go on big trips like this, I come back with stories for days and I’ll definitely be sharing them, and my own Thailand photos with you. Google was the plug for this post 🙂 

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Anyone been to Thailand before? Please share your fave things to do, see, eat! Where should I visit? Tell me below! 


1 Response
  • Crista
    March 2, 2017

    So excited for you! I’ve never been but I’d love to go one day. Please do a VLOG and share some of your travel hacks/tips. You are such a globetrotter! Teach us your ways lol.