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Pick a Color Palette! Make Travel, Packing and…Life Easier!

I get so many messages from people setting out on amazing journeys, about what clothing to pack and wear on their trips! Over the course of my travels, my wardrobe is something I take almost as seriously as ensuring my passport is up to date and the visas have been applied for. I’ve found that choosing a color palette helps to keep my look uniformed and…helps me to pack lighter and easier! Because packing could be so stressful! 

Matching my wardrobe to the mood, feel and aesthetic of the places I visit, really helps me to enjoy the experience better.  

Color has magical powers.

I haven’t been everywhere in the world as yet, not even close, but it’s all on the bucket list! In the meantime, I’m sharing my color palette picks for the beautiful countries and cities I’ve had the pleasure of trekking through so far! Hopefully this helps you if any of these locations are on your travel hit list!

Whimsical Whites 

I love white! It’s such a sharp, fresh, cool color and adds loads of romance to any travel itinerary. I found white to be my color when I travelled to Barcelona, Spain! The color perfectly played off of the Spanish architecture and fairy tale feel of the city. White is also the perfect base to add nudes and neutrals to for an overall crisp look. Cities like London, Paris and others with structures and buildings that look like your favorite Disney movies coming to life deserve your whimsical whites! 

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Bold Brights 

My Instagram feed loves me when I upload a stream of photos from a trip and they’re all popping with bright blues, greens and oranges. Believe it or not, when packing for a trip to Dubai, you don’t have to leave your bright colors and “western culture” clothing at home. I’m super happy I packed loads of color when I travelled to Dubai last March. Feel free to bare arms and even legs and feel even freer to stand out in bold pinks and lavender purples; in fact the city is perfect for it! Visiting places like the Dubai Miracle Gardens, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, even the Dubai Desert, you’re gonna wanna stand out against the already gorgeous and attention stealing sights. These colors of course also work well for more tropical locations like Rio de Janeiro! You’re gonna hate yourself if you leave your color at home when travelling here! My trip to Rio last year and my trip to Puerto Rico were made even more memorable, thanks to my wardrobe!  

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Ravishing Reds

The color of passion and love! Not only is red a color synonymous with Asia, but it really catches the eye and…sometimes the heart! To be honest I was never a fan of red, but now I love love love the sultry hue. On my trip to Macau, China in 2013 red literally stole the show and I wish I had carried more wardrobe pieces in that color. Throw in some yellows and your palette would be picked to perfection for any Asian country! The colors just fit perfectly with the temples, decor and mood of the continent. It sucks that I didn’t learn of this rule of thumb sooner though, I would’ve had all red and all yellow everything! 

“Black to Basics + Jeans”

When heading to cities like New York, Chicago or the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) I love to rock my basic blacks, olives and khaki. For some reason these hues just blend in with the grit of these cities and make me feel welcomed. Don’t leave your jeans at home! Not only for the gritty cities, but for every trip!! Jeans are so clutch for every scenario and situation, they can be dressed up, dressed down, acid washed, dark, ripped, long, short, skinny and boot cut, not only for travel…jeans are LIFE! 

Now of course there are no rules in fashion, but I’ve just found that sticking to specific palettes help to make packing and travel easier! 

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What colors do you love most when travelling! Also, I’m planning for big trip real soon, guess which colors I’m choosing, guess where I’m going! I’ll tell you next week!