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You’re Doing Way Better Than You Think…Ask Your Friends

Your friends have a special ability to put life into perspective for you.

I’m talking about your ride or die, true blue, down for whatever, tell it like it is homies who are the first to tell you when you’re right and waiting around the corner to put you in your place when you’re wrong.

They’re also really good at giving you the pat on your back you so deserve, but refuse to give yourself.

If you’re anything like me, then…you’re never doing enough, never being enough and could always do better.

But that’s just how I am; sometimes an overachiever who gets too hard on herself and often needs a reality check. I sometimes never stop to appreciate myself, bask in my accomplishments, celebrate my growth and say thanks…to me!


Here’s why I love my friends

I’d just gotten back from my work trip to Rio and was catching up with my buddy about Brazil, careers and life! So me, never one to toot my own horn or even stop to and say, “Girl, you did that!” answered him real haphazardly and dry when he asked, “What do you have up now?”

“Oh, I’m just producing this show; in the midst of taping another and in talks to premiere a new season for  third show and gathering material for my blog.”


I was numb to myself, numb to all I had achieved so far, numb to the great work I have in the pipelines and didn’t see it fit to brag, boast or even mention.

In the same vein, though I always have this nagging feeling that I’m not achieving or accomplishing anything. Like, the gigs I book, the shows I produce, the shows I host almost mean nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE WHAT I DO and love the projects I’m involved in, but my mind is constantly thinking about the future.

[bctt tweet=”I never give myself time to soak in my great moments because I’m always planning the next” username=”iamianthia”]

Anyways, my friend stopped me in my “Woe is me, girl you need to do better” tracks and helped me to realise that I AM DOING ENOUGH…I AM ENOUGH and that the next time I wanted to get in a funk about where my life is at, just ask him!

“You are doing so great,” he said, while I squirmed at his praises. “You’ve accomplished a lot in a short time and you’re such an inspiration for so many people, even me! What I like most is that you’re not even competing with anyone, you’re just doing your own thing. You’ve stepped out of the field and literally created your own path and you’re owning it!”

Well how’s that for trying to make a girl blush?!

It wasn’t until he said those words to me that I’d stopped and even thought about how far I’ve come on this journey. I never stopped to take stock of my successes, breathe in my good days and roll over in my blessings.  Being a freelancer it’s sometimes hard to track your success when it doesn’t come in the form of a standard monthly pay stub; making it real easy for doubt to cloud your mind and for you to really think that your life, career, projects aren’t on the up and up.

But like I learned the other day, I was oh so wrong! People are constantly watching and taking note, especially those closest to you. They see you working, they’re a witness to your non stop grind, they’re tracking your progress and putting gold stars to every triumph, even when you aren’t.

You might not be tracking your own success in your relationship, on that new project you’re planning, on the amount of interviews you aced this week, on the new string of blogs you posted but…your friends see you boo!

Sometimes we beat ourselves up and look at our age and other people’s lives as the determining factors of our success when the people looking at us see something totally different!

They see strength, they see success, they see accomplishments, they see a powerhouse…they see you! Just ask them! 




1 Response
  • Crista
    September 15, 2016

    Loved this post! So honest and refreshing! Definitely needed to hear this! You are doing a fantastic job –looking forward to more blog posts and seeing your projects. Definitely a fan!