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Your lane, carve it!

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It’s amazing how our prayers are answered so silently, but so boldly. At some point last year it seems as if I was at a crossroads when it came to my journalism career. After 10 years in the field, I wasn’t so sure if this was what I wanted to do anymore, if I wanted to go into another field or if I simply needed to reinvent myself and start afresh. It was July 2013 that, on a whim, my friend and co-worker and I blurted out to the public relations manager of a local awards show, “Y’all may as well just let us host the red carpet.” Not knowing what we were saying or even thinking that she would take us seriously, she replied,” That would be great!” Ummmm what? We were kidding, but it was too late to take it back. This was a Wednesday and the awards show was that Saturday, so we had three days to get our act together, figure out if the chemistry we had from working together would work on screen, find clothes, hair and makeup! But alas! We pulled it off without a hitch! The show went on beautifully, our interviews were amazing and fun and we “clicked” on camera, just as we did, off. Based on the rave reviews, the comments and the fun people told us they had on the red carpet we got to thinking and decided to not let our talents go to waste and decided that we could really make this into a show. AH HA! Just what my struggling career thirst for: something new, something fresh, something in the entertainment industry, something so me! This was it! After brainstorming as to how we can make this work, going through some partnership changes we linked up with local entertainment company iKonz Media, parent company to eLife242 magazine and elife242 Presents: The Click was born! Shooting started in December 2013 and for five straight months we consistently put out 12 amazing shows that some say brought new life to entertainment in The Bahamas. So here I am in July 2014 about to launch the premiere for The Click season 2 (July 9, in fact) and I couldn’t be more happy and blessed to see how things have changed for my career. A year ago I was in the slumps mentally, thinking of a way to dodge this 9-5 bullet. As blessings and mercy would have it, I worked hard, saw what The Click was doing and decided to take it up another notch. I’m also now 1/2 of the brains behind another locally produced show called A Mouth Full which is set to soon air. It’s for the foodie and will take your mouth on an adventure in taste.

I know this feeling of lost, bewilderment and loneliness on a job has haunted and is haunting so many people and yes, I know it’s hard to see the light at the end of the cubicle but trust and believe that the light is there! There’s nothing that cant and wont be achieved with hard work and determination. One day in 2012 I was picking up lunch and struck up a conversation with a former, very popular journalist and news anchor who at the end of the convo said, “Find your signature.” I didn’t know what she meant at the time, but recently when I sent out my mass emails informing everyone about A Mouth Full she replied, “You found it, you’ve found your signature.” Then it clicked to me, she meant that I must find my mark in this industry and cling onto it. I implore you to do the same, whatever your profession. If you’re sick of the job that is boxing you in, take time and figure a way to TKO out that sucker! Improve, invent and innovate! Carve your lane and stick to it. Besides, yes, I am still on my job (but, oh the clock is ticking!) but when I go home I work on my shows, my new found love, my career!

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  • Brenda Smith
    July 8, 2014

    Beautiful and inspiring, continue to go for goal Ianthia! This article is truly timely looking forward to hearing more from you.