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#Winning: When You’re Featured on Your Fave Travel Blogs!

There are some travel blogs that make you want to live your life as a tourist; stuffing pieces of clothing in your favorite suitcase, blanketing your shoulders in adventure and curiosity and changing your middle name to “Wanderlust.” As a travel writer myself, I’m uber excited to lay in bed in the wee hours of the morning trekking through the world via these carefully and colorfully curated pages, taking trips to the 4 corners of the earth with just the swipe of my thumb and my imagination.

Through these pages, I get to see how other world travellers are spending their days, which hotels, lofts and flats they’re staying in, how blue are the waters they’re swimming in. The mountains? How beautiful are they and how friendly are the people they’re meeting? I’ve never once met these travellers, but thanks to my travel plugs, I feel as if though I know them, and that’s because although we’re worlds a part these amazing travel curators make us kinfolk.

I follow these pages for an escape, for a peek into other globetrotters’ passports and for inspiration. But when I realised that at some point I may have been an inspiration for them…I’m stoked! I love waking up to notifications from pages I admire as proof that they are now admiring me! Not only is it super cool to have been featured on some of these pages, but as a blogger it does wonders for helping to expand my network, meeting new people, getting more followers and more eyes on my blog!

So I wanted to give major shout outs to the super fantastic travel blogs who’ve plastered my pics on their pages for many to see!

Black Girls Travel TooFrom trips to Dubai, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Abaco, Bahamas Black Girls Travel Too have shown me so much love over the past few months; reposting several of my photos on their Instagram account. Their features have helped me to gain so many new followers and meet people from around the world. Thanks to Black Girls Travel Too, these reposted photos have gotten so many likes and so much more exposure for a travel writer like myself!

blktravel2 blktravel3 blktravel4 blktravel5 blktraveltoo

Travel Noire – Just recently this highly acclaimed travel blog reposted a photo I took in Puerto Rico to their Instagram page and injected an otherwise “old pic” with new life! I’d forgotten how amazingly happy I was at the time that photo was taken and how much fun I’d had in Old San Juan. Of course, this is Travel Noire so the likes, follows and comments were out the wazoo, within minutes of them posting. For me it was truly an honor (and surprise) to be featured on a site I visit daily.


Hardly Home – The originals for me! Not only did I join a group trip with my Hardly Home folk to Dubai but even before that I’ve been writing and contributing to their amazing travel blog. So much youth, adventure, life and energy flows through this account, I’m just honored to be a part of it in more ways than one!

Screenshot_2016-08-19-17-31-19 Screenshot_2016-08-19-17-32-26 Screenshot_2016-08-19-17-33-00

Travel Girl Style – Whenever I’m preparing for a trip, I spend a crazy amount of time on the outfits, clothing and accessories I’m going to take. So I was happily surprised when Travel Girl Style reposted one of my fave beach shots from a recent visit to Abaco Island in The Bahamas. Simply clad in a white bikini bottom and a white T-shirt I roamed the marina dock with no cares in the world!


My Girl Squad – Thank you to this travel account that features girl squads doing it big! They caught my girl crew and reposted one of my fave pics from our trip to Dubai. Globetrotting girl squads are certainly taking over the world as of late, getting in formation to trek through the world with all their feminine badasses, I was just super happy to have made the cut on My Girl Squad!


True Love Travel -Paying homage to home!!!! This travel page is based in my hometown Nassau, Bahamas and constantly shows so much love and support for my adventures. From reposting my sunny trip to Puerto Rico to showing love for my domestic island adventures, and throwing up their own photos of travel adventures True Love Travel is my local fave!

Screenshot_2016-08-19-17-39-06 Screenshot_2016-08-19-17-39-37

Caribbean Girls Who Blog – I’m so happy to see the way this page has grown! I feel like I’ve been following and admiring them from the start (or close to). They’ve followed me through Puerto Rico, Miami and many of my other adventures; reposting, sharing, commenting and liking! Here’s to Caribbean Girls Who Blog and all Caribbean girls who blog!

cgirlswhoblog cgirlswhoblog3

Follow these pages for amazing travel inspiration and a ticket to anywhere in the world!!

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