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Who’s Down for the “Down A** Chick?”

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a great friend. A down ass chick to be exact. But over the years it’s been proven time and time again that being the down ass, there for you, fight for you, loyal friend comes with its share of problems. Someone who is so passionate about their friendships and relationships jealously guard them, but rarely get it back.

Who is a Down Ass Chick?

Her loyalty is unwavering, her trust comes in heaps and bounds, she goes to bat for those she loves, she helps you fight your battles (literally and figuratively) and ask questions later, she protects you from danger you didn’t even see coming and probably would never know about, she trusts your feelings, thoughts and sees the validity in your fears and uncertainties. She backs you up. She supports you when you can and can’t see it. She sticks up for you and puts on a united front. If you’re wrong she’ll still be there for you, but check you when you’re alone. She lets the world know who you are and you’re both unapologetic for it.

The down ass chick is a rare breed

She trusts you. You trust her. So why not return the favor?

Three Reasons it’s Hard Being A Down Ass Chick 

1. The problem with being the down a** chick is that, being a person with such strong feelings and emotions and a tight grip on loyalty and respect, it’s hard to meet someone with the same passion who understands the importance of being down. You can’t teach passion, you can’t teach loyalty. So when someone doesn’t naturally have it…they just don’t gat it.

2. People always think, “Since she always has me then she must have her!” I call BS! The mere fact that she finds the time, energy and strength to be there for you when you need her should be enough reason to return the favor. You can’t assume that she has a reserve tank of energy to deal with her own problems when they come, maybe she needs a different energy. Maybe she needs yours.

3. Maybe I watch too much Mob Wives, but for me, loyalty and respect are the orders of the day. Watching Drita, Big Ang, Karen and Renee so much might have heightened my feelings on this issue. It can’t even be described or explained in a blog, but you know when you’re respected, you feel when your presence matters and when your thoughts mean something. People think strong women are void of feelings and emotions when it’s actually the opposite that makes them so strong.

All of that said I have some amazing friends in my life. I’ve met some people over the years who have really had my back and been down for me. And yes, I do know that you can be great friends with someone and show each other loyalty in different ways, but there are those relationships where nothing seems balanced and you constant put out more than you ever receive, leading you to really question…

Who’s down for the down a** chick?!