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Weekend WrapUp: Pandora Turns 2 + The Sunday CoolDown

My weekends are usually in one of two modes:

(1) Netflix, chill, act like a log and lie in bed all day with my glasses slid half way down my nose, wearing only an oversized T-shirt and my favorite fatty snacks next to me; or

(2) Dressed to the nines at some socialite event, tiptoeing in heels that are silently killing the balls of my feet, as I smile like nothing’s wrong; meeting new friends, catching up with old ones and dancing the night away.

This past weekend was actually a mixture of both as I got a dose of both worlds and had healthy servings of rest and relaxation and fun and frolick.


Pandora Turns 2 with Petals and Pumps

As a blogger I ABSOLUTELY LOVE getting personal invites to events and happenings around town. So when I was invited to the Pandora Bahamas party for its store’s 2nd birthday I was super excited. I’ve been a lover of the brand for forever and for as long as I could remember, I’ve been trying to fill up my bracelets with the girly charms. The event was held at the store’s 329 Bay Street location and was so pink, girly and fun!

I debuted my pink custom suit that I got made in Thailand and perfectly matched the decor! I opted for the short pant (it also comes with a longer pant) and paired it a black crop top and black lace up heels. The vibes were so chic and cool and I love the fact that they had so many local bloggers in the house! From sipping champagne, to nibbling on mini cupcakes, dancing to my fave new hits and selfie-ing all night, Petals and Pumps was a great start to a great weekend!

pandora bahamas

petals and pumpsThank you for my gift! 


TV, Pizza and Chill 

animal kingdom

I’d been trying to find episodes of my new favorite TV show “Animal Kingdom” for months but to no avail. I fell in love with this show one night and wanted to finish season one before season two premieres on May 30. Something just told me to play around with the Amazon Firestick and just like magic I was watching the Cody brothers and their mother (and crime boss) Smurf, pull off elaborately planned heists and robberies and just be bad asses! I LOVE THEM! I was adamant about not going anywhere on Saturday and had pizza delivered. I binge watched Moana, Sleepless and Split and at least four episodes worth of my show until I craved something sweet and went out for ice cream, only to return home and continue the binging. Sometimes you just need a day to do nothing! Purposefully, there are no pics to tell the tale.

The Sunday Cooldown 

the sunday cooldown

At this age, I swear I can only party like an 18-year-old once a month! Only one day out of each month can I commit to cuttin’ a rug and doing the Boogle in the middle of a dance floor. Thanks to a hot new, grown and sexy event, I get my wish! The Sunday Cooldown is a chic party for the professional looking for a great place to unwind, network and prepare for the week ahead. It’s held at the Balmoral, features the amazingly talented Tingum Dem Band, local DJs and great vibes! The event is held the second Sunday of each month and, as mentioned, is right up my alley! I wore a blush tone slip dress and paired it with my lucite heels and an army green trench vest…for dramatic affect of course! lol!

I was too caught up in the party I hardly took pics, but see more of the guests and fun here on the event page! 


How was your weekend? What did you do?