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Thinking about quitting your job? Here’s why you probably should

I quit my job three years ago and have no regrets!

There’s a way to lose yourself in your job or career and it be the most fulfilling thing ever. Then there’s a way you lose yourself in it and you… literally lose yourself. There are the lucky few out there who have the luxury of separating their work and personal lives. I could remember hanging out with my friends or family and whatever beach, party or event we were at and I’d be the one constantly checking my phone, not always for Facebook or Instagram notifications but because the three different work related Whatsapp groups I’m in are constantly buzzing with colleagues looking for help or assistance. I’ll be the first to say that there is nothing wrong with working hard or going above and beyond a strict eight hour shift to get the job done. But when do you cut it off? Could you cut it off? When do you stop allowing work to rule your life? I know that there are some career paths that are more demanding than others, I get it, but for the most part even those people are entitled to a real day off! The social media memes glorifying this “no days off” mentality really make me wonder. For me the biggest problem is when the stresses of work become so heavy that it now affects your personal life. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut on your job, here are five little questions you might want to answer before making that risky, but probably much needed plunge.

Here’s why I quit my job!

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5 Reasons to say, “I QUIT!”

1. Are you feeling unhealthy; mentally and/or physically? – Workers constantly on the go could very easily and very quickly see a major deterioration in their health whether it’s physical (feeling weak, constantly fatigued, headaches and migraines etc.) or mental (bouts of feeling depressed, defeated, sad or stuck). There are many campaigns that teach us that, “The wealth of a nation is the health of a nation.” But if you’re unhealthy then that wealth is harder to achieve. Your performance on the job is certainly compromised as you move from over achiever to bare necessity worker.

2. Do you take your office frustration and anger into home and your personal relationships? – Your sister literally only asked you where the cordless phone is but she could’ve sworn a hungry lioness in childbirth responded to her. Being at work for a minimum of eight hours a day, sometimes weekends, holidays and Sundays, you get attached to it simply because it’s where you spend the majority of your time. So when things go wrong you take it personally and sometimes take it home. Fussing out your brother because someone at work didn’t finish a project or time, or screaming at your boyfriend because your boss told you to rewrite the report you turned in. Our family members and loved ones should be sounding boards for our work frustrations, not our punching bags.

3. Are there any opportunities for growth or advancement at your job? – Who wants to be on a job for years with no promotions, raises, bonuses, benefits or even the possibility of training or certification opportunities? To be really blunt, some jobs are just dead ends and aren’t taking you anywhere in life. You work your shift, do your job and…that’s it…for 10 years! And if you’re still young and you have been blessed with a raise or promotion, it’s still worth questioning if that’s where it ends. Sometimes new money and titles mean nothing and you just might envy your friend whose job sends her to Las Vegas for a week for a training seminar. I’m just saying.

4. Has your career turned into a J-O-B? – Remember the days of waking up a few minutes early to choose the perfect outfit for the general staff meeting and taking the time to apply makeup or curl your hair? Remember the days of willingly staying behind after work to get a jumpstart on the next day’s schedule? Yea, sadly they no longer exist because more than likely neither does your excitement and love for it exists. In high school, college and for the over achievers, primary school, you’ve worked towards developing your career and being whatever it is that you are but a dead end job could very well rid you of all the love and passion you once had. So the daily trek to the office now feels mandatory and no longer rewarding.

5. Are you putting YOU first? – The work schedule, next week’s project, planning the staff meeting, training the newbie…oh yea, I have a doctor’s appointment, but that might have to get rescheduled because there’s a conference call I have to take! Really? So just when do you plan to take care of you and not your job? When will you consider your feelings before that of your boss, when will you take care of your needs instead of taking care of  your supervisor’s? Don’t get so caught up in being concerned about how the office will function if you’re barely making it. Otherwise, you may not be around much longer to put the next schedule together.

Being an adult is tough, being a hardworking adult is event tougher and yes, all jobs have their positives and negatives, but then again there are those that are downright toxic. Don’t let it poison you. Times are tough and economies are bad and there are kids and bills to pay for, so making a hasty decision you didn’t think through with friends, family and supporters is not the way to go. Think it through, pray and weigh the pros and cons. But at the end of the day choose you, choose your happiness and choose your health.

Weight your options and if you have to say, “I quit,” then say “I quit!”

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  • Chris
    January 29, 2016

    Departmentalizing is not just a catch-phrase… it’s the difference between freedom and imprisonment, – of remaining controllably same or falling into uncontrollable insanity.