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Summer’s Eve: My Jungle Inspired Photoshoot

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Sure, Eve was reportedly butt ass nekkid in the Garden of Eden, but that’s just not my style!

When local photographer Kenzi Thompson hit me up recently about doing a photoshoot, I was super excited to create some new images and link with a creative I’d never worked with before. We brainstormed a few ideas for the look and feel of the shoot, but for some reason, I kept seeing; green, grass, jungle.

I knew I wanted to do a shoot that looked like I was lost in a lush forest with nothing but plants, trees and flowers surrounding me. I wanted to be Eve in my own Garden of Eden.

Kenzi perfectly chose the location and one Saturday we battled the summer sun, giant rats in the bush, but pulled off a fun and beautiful shoot!

He was such a professional, very patient with me (I’m no model) and we just vibed!


Looking for Adam…or Tarzan

The jungle theme was perfectly executed, I love the big leaves, bushy areas and mounds of green we found. I paired this with a metallic gold bodysuit that perfectly pops! 

Just bloom!

This floral summer dress was the perfect touch for a day in the jungle. It added floral where there was none and complemented the ones that did join the party. 

Pink Panther 

A little skin aint never hurt nobody! I paired this awesome hot pink blazer with a purple bikini bottom…and nothing else! I loved this look; so chic, so cool, so bossy! 

Sailor Moon 

The blue and white look almost didn’t happen. I was so tired at this point but Kenzi insisted we get the most out of the shoot. I obliged and I’m so happy I did. 


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2 Responses
  • Antinette
    August 15, 2017

    Beautiful photos!!! I love the blazer ensemble.

  • MJ
    August 12, 2017

    Love this! It’s pretty dope 😍😍