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Reporter – Anchor – Reporter ?

Being a television anchor for a local newscast I love the fact that I’m welcomed into people’s homes five nights a week, get to show my personality and keep Bahamians entertained all while delivering the news they want to hear. Since being the sole anchor for JCN for the past two months I was starting to miss being in the field, being called to exciting scenes, interviewing people and having on assignment fun with my favorite reporters.

After a slight change in schedules and my coworkers finally giving in to my non stop cries to get me out of the office, I went on my first two assignments this week — the second one proving to be better as I got to see two of my favorite people, ZNS reporter Karissma Robinson and ZNS cameraman Robert Johnson. Although we were supposed to be covering a big story (teacher union elections) we couldn’t help but crack jokes, catch up and of course take pictures. I had to seize the opportunity before I was handcuffed to my desk once again. I was on a high…covering what must have been my millionth story, but I felt like a cub reporter on that first murder scene. ADRENALINE! Later in the day we got a call to say that  a body had washed up on shore at Potter’s Cay Dock! Guess who went to that scene, oh I had to enjoy the moment of being a beat reporter again. It’s so funny how the simple things in life seem so exciting once you’ve been taken away from them for a while…yes even work!

So now I’m faced with the dilemma of wondering if it’s better being a reporter or an anchor. While I love both, my outgoing personality and big mouth just wont allow me to sit and wait for stories all the time. Even if i have to sneak out I will find myself on the beat — in a mini skirt and with a microphone!