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My October Needs Are…Keeping Me Sane During a 15-Day Blackout

So here I am, 15 days later still brimming over with anger, frustration and pure confusion. Sitting in a bed in my sister’s guest room. I’ve been staying between here and a hotel over the past few days as I just couldn’t bear the darkness any longer and the stillness of the day made me want to reach for a straightjacket.

Exactly 2 weeks after Hurricane Matthew passed through The Bahamas, 2 weeks after my power was shut off at home, I still have no electricity and I can assure you, I’m turning into a cavewoman.

7 days ago I wrote this blog, fully explaining how being without electricity was hindering my freelance business and was screwing with my cash flow. 8 days after that, I’ve moved beyond being concerned about my money and career and more worried about my mental state.

I am literally going crazy!

I am tired, I am stressed, I am basically living out of my car; bouncing from couch to hotel to someone’s house, just trying to find some semblance of normalcy.

In all honesty…

I’m about to pop TF off!

But before we have to admit me into a mental institution, I have to give mad props to my ride or die blackout survival items. These are the things that I’ve toted with me for the past few days, as I sought refuge, air conditioning and the hum of a refrigerator…or any electronic appliance! These are the items that I packed up and toted with me as I ran away from the darkness and found shelter and light elsewhere.

These are my October needs:

Victoria’s Secret tote – This bag is so ride or die! It acts like a mini suitcase and holds errythang! I usually use it for a quick sunny weekend getaway, but this has proven to come in handy for even darker times (pun intended). From my toiletries, to shoes, clothes, makeup kits, laptops and chargers, this bag goes everywhere with me and is the real MVP! This is a freebie I got for spending a wad of cash in Vicky’s Secret one time…best gift ever!


Battery power bank – Whenever, wherever I see a socket I dash to it to give my Adata power bank some juice! I have no clue how much longer I’m going to be without electricity and which guest room or hotel I’ll end up in next, so keeping my phones and laptop charged is crucial. Since my life has been on the go, this bad boy has been my go to for keeping in touch. It fully charges my phone so quickly and recharges up to 4 times!


Arabic scarf – Anyone on the go should have that one comforting item with them. My beat the blackout blues item is this soft, beautiful red and white scarf I got when I was in Dubai earlier this year. It acts as my blanket, my head wrap, my sweater, my comfort…I love it and as crazy as it sounds, it’s been making this frustrating time easier to bear.


BCBG Slides – …because I don’t have time for heels and I don’t have time to play dress up! Moving from pillar to post hasn’t afforded me the luxuries of playing in my clothes like I’d like. That’s why I’m so happy I packed these gold and black slides! They’re comfy, homey and go well with everything from jeans to shorts, dresses and rompers. They’re super casual and are the perfect post-hurricane, “running around town repairing my life” shoes. see similar below.


So there you have it! My sanity kit! I usually write these “Must Have” blogs under more happier circumstances, but I’m sure you could tell why I’m far from happy!

Day 15…the power is still out!

UPDATE: On the 16th day, Friday October 21 at around 7:30 p.m. my power was restored!


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