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My March Needs Are…

My 2016 is just getting started!

Please believe it! January and February were trial months for me to get used to the new year…but I’m finally here in 2016 so… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s time again to write out this month’s wish list! I am so pumped for all that March will bring. I have some amazing business, career and travel plans lined up and I CANNOT WAIT to get going…literally!

So here are my March needs…

Another amazing trip – This time last year I was just back from my magical, whimsical trip to Barcelona. But talk about a checking off a bucket list item! I cannot wait to reveal where I’m going later this month for the most amazing Spring Break trip! I could tell you now but I’m a little superstitious and believe in a good ole jinx! If I tell you something bad might happen and I wont go anymore…and I would literally have a fit! So let’s keep that under wraps for now! But I could say this amazing location is way on the other side of the world, so lavish, so luxurious and a popular must do destination! Since the trip is already planned and paid for the wish really is to have the best time, create the most amazing memories and collect tons of pics to tell the tale! Not only have I been bitten by the travel bug, but I have turned into said bug! Stay posted to this website for all the details on my upcoming trip!


A new camera – For this trip and for life! My handy dandy Samsung camera is slowly but surely kicking the bucket and needs to be replaced ASAP! I’ve been trying to up the ante on my website with better, crisper, and just more pics all around so…feel free to buy me gifts! LOL! I kid, I kid! Even if you don’t have a website or blog that you post to, having a quality camera on hand is great for capturing life’s most precious moments! I wrote a blog a while back with some tips on how to make the best use of your cell phone camera…tips that also apply to a real camera!


A new luggage set – Yes, I’m so excited about this trip that all my planning has been geared towards that…and so is my March wish list! Since travel has been my thing these days Ive come to realise that skimping on a good luggage set does more harm than good. When travel becomes such an integral part of your life, grabbing the family luggage set out of the linen closet will no longer cut it. I need something that speaks to my personality, my style, my travel miles and a set that’s sturdy, durable and ready to see the world with me!


Vaseline (Petroleum jelly) – Yes! You heard that right! It was my grandmother’s “fix everything” potion and now I know why. I was getting tired of my skin care regime and wanted to try something new. Instead of shelling out big bucks on expensive, not-so-sure-they’ll-work beauty products I did a little research and was reminded of the wonders of some good ole petroleum jelly. I use it at night as my face moisturizer and when I wake up in the mornings…baby butt face! Yes, it’s that smooth and soft and new feeling. Although it’s thick, I’ve had no problems with my pores clogging because it actually soaks into the skin. I’ve opted for the cocoa butter version! SO GOOD!



This month will be amazing!