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Everything I Accomplished Before My First 10K: Why Numbers Mean Nothing For Your Online Success

I think it’s safe to say that Instagram is the holy grail of social media these days.

People would ask you for your handle and how many followers you have on IG quicker than they’d ask you your government name. Instagram has literally revolutionised how we interact with each other, how we share our stories and yes, how we run our businesses.

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I’ve said it time and time again:  I love Instagram and the platform it provides, especially for creatives wanting to get their work seen by the world. But once you’ve set up your account, amassed some amazing pics, figured out your aesthetic and strategy and included Instgram into your marketing plan, you’re almost forced to watch the number of followers roll in.

While I love Instagram, I hate the pressure it puts on numbers.

I recently hit 10,000+ followers on Instagram and I’m so appreciative, thankful and grateful for everyone who’s been following my journey, buying into my products and content and joining my tribe. You’ve all made this blogging adventure so much fun. But;

When I only had 50 followers I kept working.

When I had 500 followers I kept working. 

When I had 5,000 followers I kept working. 

Now that I’m at 10,000, the work wont stop. 

I don’t know where the narrative was born, but once you’re a creative and you’re on Instgram, you need to have at least ten thousand followers to get major brand collabs, to partner on big projects and even be respected in these social media streets…at least that’s what they say.

Well they lie and I’m here to prove it.

Way before attaining 10K followers, I was putting in the work and getting the rewards. And I can assure you that no matter how many followers you have, once you put out quality work, make the right connections, remain CONSISTENT and hustle; that influencer, online, blogger success is yours to have!

In no particular order:

Here’s a list of accomplishments I have under my belt way before reaching 10K Instagram followers

Partnership with Jord Wood Watches

Collab with Muxima Hair products

Brand Ambassador for Going Places Travel with partnerships on trips

Black Opal and ORS brand ambassador

Featured in Essence Magazine, 2017 (I mean the actual printed book!)

Featured on

Contributing writer for Essence, XONcole (life coming full circle) and Forbes Travel Guide

Contributing writer for Ms. Vixen Mag, Sheen Magazine and The Coco Mag

Published my first eBook with successful launch party

Multiple features in local and international newspaper, blogs, website features (check out “press/features” highlights on my Instagram)

Multiple speaking engagements

Relaunched my Youtube channel

Premiered my YouTube show “Personal Space”

Grew my mailing list to 500 subscribers

Won The Elevation Awards’ blogger of the year, 2018

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Literally the list could on.

My inbox is also constantly getting new “let’s collab!” emails and I couldn’t be more thankful. Most exciting for me? I’ve been invited on a VERY special trip soon, and I can’t wait to share with you guys. This invitation came when my IG following was nowhere near the much sought after 10K.

I literally asked the hostess, “Why me? I don’t even have that many followers.” She said it didn’t matter and that she’s a fan of hard work and consistency, not numbers.

Now, obviously having more followers does a lot to get more brands and partnerships eyeing you, but it’s really not the end all and be all and you can in fact master your creative space 100 followers or 100,000 followers.

I follow so many other bloggers and writers who society would say have “small numbers” but when I look at their body work, they are killing it! There’s nothing small about them!

I get so many questions from other bloggers and content creators about “the numbers” and what they think they can and cannot do, or are allowed to or not allowed to do because their numbers are “small.”

There’s no such thing as a small following. Perhaps, more importantly, there’s no such thing as a “small creative.” If you’re able to capture an audience’s attention, hold it, get them to buy into your content, you’re already winning.

Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or any other platform, your numbers do not determine your work and definitely not your worth.

So my question to you is:

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Drop your IG handles so I can follow you! 



1 Response
  • Brennae Spence
    October 29, 2018

    Such an inspiring post! This is a great encouragement for someone just starting out!