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My August Needs Are…All about the #RoadtoRio! I’m Headed to the Olympics!

August I see you!!! Ushering in so much amazingness in my life and career, making dreams come true and just being LIT! It’s because of August I’ve seen so chill, zen and excited. And it’s because of August that…

I’m headed to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

So although the games have already started, I’m arriving fashionably late (as always)! Although I’m going to make it fabulous, this is actually a work trip that I will milk for all it’s worth. It’s funny sometimes how life works out.

In 2014 I took a trip to Barcelona, Spain and visited the site of the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics and had no clue that just two years later, I’d be heading to the biggest sporting stage in exotic Brazil!

Peep these pics!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.06.59 PM

Barcelona Olympic Stadium




But with everything going on in Brazil right now and many news angles focused on the South American country for various reasons all of my August needs are focused on my #roadtorio.

My August needs are…

Mosquitoe repellent and long clothing Zika Virus has been the talk of the town in the health sphere in recent months and it’s said that Brazil is prevalent with mosquitoes carrying the disease which could lead to so many  many illnesses, especially for women of child carrying age. OFF!, mosquitoe repelling arm bands and anything that will keep those critters away are on the top of my list!

Eyes in the back of my head (and a backpack)  If you listen to the news enough, you might get the impression that Brazil is a country rampant with crime, robberies, murders and just cutthroat badass actions. Being a journalist myself, I know how media houses love to spruce up a bad story to make it seem horrid so I take it all with a grain of salt. But I also know that what’s often reported isn’t that far from the truth, so I will definitely be on my P’s and Q’s when moving about. I think I’ll opt for ditching my purses and use a backpack more times than not.

My “born, bred, ga dead Bahamian” pride  – I recently collected my Olympic team package; a bag chock full of goodies emblazoned with that beautiful aquamarine, gold and black flag. I could only imagine the pride and pure bliss that ricochets through someone’s body when you see your country’s flag hoisted on such a major stage as this. Knowing my people and knowing our athletes, that Bahamian flag will be raised for the world to see, with our national anthem echoing through the stadium, and I’ll be right there to witness it all…screaming and cheering on my 242 crew!

My usual open minded, open hearted spirit of travel Despite all the doom and gloom painted in the media all travellers know that no matter where you go there are risks involved but that really doesn’t stop a real globetrotter from jumping on a plane to see the world in all its glory. I will see, I will do, I eat, I will frolick, party and meet people! I will be careful, cautious and observant but I wont plunge myself into paranoia to the point where I don’t enjoy the opportunity.

I’ll try my hardest to keep you updated via blog posts, photos and videos.

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Aqui esta a Brasil!

Here’s to Brazil!

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