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Milkin’ Miami

Miami, Florida is like the “everything” drawer at home. The one you toss old, used and sometimes forgotten (but amazing) items in! Randomly go through that drawer on any given day and you’re sure to rediscover some of your best buys. This, to me, is Miami. After visiting the popular city nearly 100 times in my short life, I seem to find new, exciting things on each and every trip. Living in The Bahamas and Miami being a quick 35 minute flight away, it’s safe to say we’re neighbours. Most recently I spent a week in the vibrant center for work. I stayed downtown at the Hyatt Regency and was so close to four new spots I happened upon, that reminded me why Miami is the “everything” drawer worth sifting through now and again.


20150729_133256PM Fish and Steakhouse – talk about a steakhouse worth talking about! PM Fish and Steakhouse oozes an old school winery feel with signature wines climbing up the see through glass cellar at the restaurant’s entrance. Service was impeccable and the food even better. A tartare spread started the night and I opted for one of my favorite meals; lamb chops and mashed potatoes, but little did I know this meal was special. The salmon, tuna and beef tartare dish was divine and the lamb was so juicy and tender and cooked to a medium temperature. The mashed potatoes were creamy with a buttery finish. The PM in the name should really stand for Pure Magic.



Area 31 at the EPIC Hotel – here’s where rooftop, ocean view meets poolside decadence and delicious food. Area 31 is a restaurant that sits atop the Kimpton brand hotel. But before you even get to the 16th floor beauty, you have to pass the glamorous paintings, sculptures and art work by some of the most famous designers. Past orchid and bamboo walls, up a luxurious elevator and out on the rooftop,’awaits some amazing views and amazing food! As you will see tuna tartare is a fave appetizer!


20150727_225348Oceans 10 at South Beach – whether I remembered it or not, I’ve been to South Beach tons of times. At night to hit the clubs and bars or during the sunny day times to soak up the sun and sights. So I was quite impressed and a little perplexed when I happened upon an impressive live band playing on a stage, bright lights and drinks flowing. I don’t know how I’d never been to Oceans 10 before! I pulled up a chair at the bar not far from the stage and enjoyed the night! The band, I think was called Kouture Funk, was so good! They played music from Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars to Marvin Gaye. But the one who impressed me most that night was the bartender I’m so mad I didn’t get his name! He was superb! The drinks were mixed to perfection and he was so kind and helpful. Even more impressive? His speed! We sat in front of him the whole night and he just churned out the orders. One after the next, he amazingly mixed those magic potions.



20150801_032951Versailles – a little slice of Cuba! I was so excited to visit Versailles after hearing all the great things about it. Cuban food, Cuban pastries, Cuban coffee, Cuban people and a chunky dose of Cuban culture all permeate out of the tiny building on 3555 SW 8th Street. We opted for a seat inside but soon realized that we had a flight to catch so dining in might not be a good idea. But Versailles had the perfect fix for that: a take out window! Standing next to burly Cuban men ordering their favorite morning delights with ease was super cool! I of course got a Cuban coffee, croquita, empanadas and something sweet; guava jam and cream cheese enveloped in a sweet, buttery, glazed floury pocket. You stand there, order, eat and leave. A quick injection of Cuban culture.


The next time you’re in Miami…MILK IT FOR ALL IT’S WORTH!


3 Responses
  • kirkward
    September 27, 2015

    I think you just love your line of work, it keep you going like the wind. that what gave you the joy of doing it .

  • kirkward
    September 27, 2015

    I think you just love your line of work, it keep you going like the wind. that what gave you the joy of doing it .good photos