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Meddlin’ in Macau

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The saying’s true, “You never forget your first.” There’s something about your first that opens you up to a new world, a new you, a new sense of being. Your first invigorates you in ways you never thought possible and creates an insatiable craving for more. Yes, this could be said about any first, but the first I’m talking about is my first ever “international” trip. Being from The Bahamas going to any state in The United States isn’t considered “international,” we’re always in the U.S., so this doesn’t really count.

It was May 2013 and the reason for travelling was work. But the minute my boss told me, “I need you to go to Macau,” I heard no words he spoke after that. All I knew was I was going to the other side of the world for the first time and I was pumped! Macau was so beautiful, so amazing, so different and thriving with a fast paced, upbeat, luxurious, rich feel. It’s the first that awakened my tastebuds for travelling to far off places, experiencing different cultures and just diving headfirst into the world. Taking my trip to Barcelona earlier this year, only deepened these feelings and now travelling the world is the only thing on the agenda!

I wish we got to spend more time in Hong Kong, which was our first stop on the trip to Macau You get to Macau from Hong Kong by ferry; sailing by amazing Asian statues, buildings and sculptures on the way.

In paying homage to my first, here are some highlights from amazing Macau, China! From perusing the streets in the rain, trying out Macanese egg tarts, a delicacy there, experiencing an amazing dance show called The House of Dancing Water and just soaking in all the sites!

If you’re ever in Macau be sure to hit the slots at any of the many gambling casinos (Macau is known as one of, if not the, world’s leading casino and gambling countries), party it up at Taboo nightclub, if you can stay at least one night at the Banyan Tree Hotel, talk about living in the lap of luxury, that hotel is AMAZING!


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Macanese egg tart!





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