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It’s a PinkSands takeover! Meet travel and lifestyle blogger Nikia!

They say most revolutionaries start off quietly and end with a bang! I think the same could be said for PinkSands242 blogger Nikia Well who burst onto the blogging scene with her vibrant, eye popping and tropical infused photos that light up social media each day! During the Bahamian blog swap I was paired with this travelling beauty and today she takes over MiniSkirts and Microphones to tell us more about herself!

Introducing PinkSands242!

I’m A Bahamian Blogger & I Blog Because…

I had to fight all my life!..not to join social media. I fought against MySpace. I fought against Hi5. I fought against Facebook. Eventually, I gave in an joined them all. However, I fought tooth and nail against sites like Instagram, Twitter and Vine. God only knows why, but I was certain I didn’t want any part of the hot Scandal live tweets or the amazingly entertaining messy memes on IG. Then, one day a few years ago, a friend got me to post a single, soldiery, lonesome photo to the gram. But, for months my IG was dusty and lonely….I just didn’t get it. One day I was looking through my phone after a series of island hopping trips when someone in the airport remarked how beautiful they were and how they had never been to any of the islands…ANY! (Disregard her being up in my phone. She was nice.) She couldn’t believe that the photos were from right in our back yard and I couldn’t believe that she had never gotten a chance to see any it. Despite initially majoring in writing and mapping out a career in journalism, prior switching to Hospitality and Tourism, I had not written anything since my lil fancy school newspaper and yearbook. (They were not fancy, but I had a lil shirt that made me feel legit.) But, that conversation spurred me to create a little a blog about all of these amazing things that I had been so blessed to have experienced, and all of the amazing things that I love – mainly food, music, art, culture and travel. It started out as a few travel photos posted to my, previously, dusty gram, and from there PinkSands242 just grew.

A bit about the blogger behind PinkSands242.

  1. My favorite blogpost has been…Tokyo! I have dreamed about going there for years, and I finally got to saunter on down to Japan this past September. Every day was something new and random and amazing, and I loved writing about it. I hope readers could see my excitement from my posts and videos.

  1. My dream person to interview would be…Dame Marguerite Pindling, Josephine Baker, and B.E.Y.O.N.C.E. I would love to have a real interview with these ladies to sip tea, coffee and hot toddies. We all know the story of the late Sir Lynden Pindling, but I always wondered what ‘Lady P’ was like behind her perfectly ladylike and composed exterior. I am sure she has seen and experienced so many things during the years our nation was being built. And, have you read Josephine Baker’s story. She was married at 13, was a civil rights activist, was rumored to be a spy, and she adopted enough kids to have her own million man march – the stories that lady could share! As for Beyonce. If you need a reason, you don’t know ‘Yonce.
  1. My dream place to visit would be…Singapore and all over Australia. I have that Wanderlust dead bad!
  1. Bloggers I follow now are…Everyone! I love seeing the amazing places and things that my fellow Bahamians have seen. Ianthia and Cay To Style have fashion on lock. A Mouth Full is doing awesome things on the food tip. Kerel, my fellow Grand Bahamian, is all about positivity. And, Anni’s Bubble has such a unique perspective, and she is one amazing mom! There are so many, and I better stop before I have a post 5 pages long.
  1. I’m happiest when my readers…And I get to meet or interact online. They give me feedback and tips, and I feel pretty fancy when I can help them in any way with finding amazing places to eat, or with travel tips.
  1. Hometown? I am from the forever Magic City- Freeport, Grand Bahama. I was born in the RAND, and I used to run bare feet through the 8 – Eight Mile Rock and Holmes Rock. (Drake is not the only one with numbers, ok.) P.s. When did kids stop running barefoot and playing outside?
  1. Last Song You Listened To? ‘The Greatest’ by Raleigh Ritchie aka Grey Worm on Game of Thrones. I ‘heart’ him.
  1. Ideal weekend? Brunch with the fam or friends. A trip to the beach or a cultural festival of some kind. Afternoon cocktails at an oceanside bar…..and talking fool at said bar. A Soca fete. Put all this in one day, and I would be happy.
  1. One thing you can’t live without? FAMILY……….and my smartphone that does just about everything.
  1. Gully Wash or Sky Juice…Gully Wash. Full stop. Period.

Check out more from Ms. Pink Sands herself on her social sites!