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I’m Selling My Clothes!

It only took me watching one episode of “Tidying Up with Mari Kondo” (the popular Netflix show) to realise that I need to tidy up my life, get rid of the excess and keep only the things that bring me joy. And honestly…

The two closets full, 10 drawers full, container full of clothes really aren’t bringing me joy, none whatsoever.

If I’m being honest, I also still have clothes at my family home that I haven’t brought over yet since the wedding. It feels like for years, my clothing has been ruling, and in some cases ruining my life. And like most women, I literally only wear half of them, if not less. Complicating matters, if I have an event coming up, I’m out shopping for something new to buy because, it’s a sh*t show trying to remember all the pieces I own. It just ends up being easier to buy something off the rack; ironically, this plunges me deeper and deeper into this never ending cycle of buy, store, never wear again, hoard!

It takes me forever to get ready because deciding what I’m going to wear takes way longer than hair and makeup and embarrassingly longer than than taking a shower. Judge me not! I can’t tell you how frustrated I get every single day trying to find something to put on, and it’s not the lack of clothes posing this problem, but the fact that there’s just too much of it to dig through. I’m pretty sure I can repurpose many of my pieces into bomb a$$ looks, but I don’t know what I have!

I’ve forgotten about some pieces and gone out and bought something similar, just because the first piece was hidden in the closet, folded down in a draw or just missing in action.

Well I’m done letting my clothes be the boss of me that’s why I’m on a mission to declutter my life and a big part of that is getting rid of some unwanted, untouched, forgotten about clothing items. I’ve tried this before and failed miserably because I kept falling into the…

“…but I could still wear that someday” trap, and I never actually wear “that.”

Now that I’m married and have to live with someone (who could care less for my two closets full, 10 drawers full, container full of clothes) I’ve realised that my hoarding, cluttery ways aint all that cute, even if I am :).

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selling my clothes

I love shopping for vintage clothing and found this local boutique and consignment shop where I could not only purchase, but also sell my unwanted clothes! A WIN-WIN! While the buying part was intriguing, I was more interested in the “get rid of those unwanted clothes and make some money” part! I chatted it up with the store owner who explained to me how consignment works. She explained that I can bring in as many pieces as I want, she’ll weed through them and see which ones are a good fit for her brand (I hope all of them are), she’ll put them out and once they’re sold I get a cut of the purchase!

As soon as I went home I started packing up those unused, back burner threads and thinking about the money they could will bring me. So far I have a nice pile of shirts and skirts and bottoms, rompers and dresses that need to go! I wont lie either, I’m having some separation anxiety but, watching them sit stuffed in my drawers aren’t helping to pay the bills. Even if I get only a small percentage of what I paid for them in the first place, it’ll be a plus!

selling my clothes

I’ll keep you posted on how this “decluttering my life so I can get back to my joy” project goes and how much money I make in the process.

This could turn out to be a real thing and a side hustle I’ve been folding on (pun intended) for way too long.

P.S. These aren’t the items I’ll be selling!

How do you declutter your life?

8 Responses
  • Seanell
    February 26, 2019

    I try to do this every so often, but the fail MESIRABLY every single time!

    • ianthia
      February 26, 2019

      Me too! I’m really trying to stick it out this time.

  • Quin
    February 26, 2019

    Twice a year I take time to SIMPLIFY. If you haven’t worn something in six months that evidently means you don’t NEED it. Hence, I am content with having a few pieces to choose from because it eliminates the “What am I going to wear?” STRESS and forces me to wear what I do have. At times I do get the feeling that people think I’m wearing the same thing all the time but it is then that I remind myself, keeping it simple actually saves money and TIME..

    • ianthia
      February 26, 2019

      I so agree! Even during this exercise, I was looking at stuff like, “I could still wear it though!” I ended up saving some and tossing some, but I will have to do this in several rounds to really rid myself of all the extra.
      Thanks for reading!

  • Hadassah
    February 26, 2019

    I’ve been where you are. For a long time, I’d keep certain pieces, convincing myself I’d wear them at some point, but when I go to de-clutter again, I realize that if I didn’t even REMEMBER certain pieces existed, I could do without them. I stop fooling myself.

    As for how I de-clutter, I give them to the Salvation Army, which in turn sells the clothing and uses the money to purchase food to cook for the poor. I also donate to Great Commission Ministries. They don’t sell the clothes; people just stop by and I believe are allowed to take about five pieces.

    • ianthia
      February 26, 2019

      Awesome! I definitely have my “donate” pile as well. But for real, these clothes can literally take over your life!

  • Takara
    February 26, 2019

    I know of the Consignment shop that you speak of. I absolutely love it and the entire concept.

    • ianthia
      February 26, 2019

      Yes! so happy I found her, I have a whole heap of things to sell!