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Don’t Let Life “Starbucks You”…I’ll Explain!

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It’s no secret that all local Starbucks locations act as my “office,” when I need a change from the home location.

The free Wi-Fi that gives amazing speed, the delicious deli sandwiches, great work spaces and of course the perfectly brewed drinks are all I need to stay there for about five hours sending and replying to emails, editing videos, writing blogs and drafting pitches.

For some reason I love copping one of the plush leather seats just opposite the order counter.

Maybe it’s my need to people watch.

Let me admit, I’m not a huge Starbucks fan, heck, I barely like coffee. So it took me forever to learn the difference between tall, venti and grande and I could never decide if I wanted a macchiato, a frappucino, regular, decaf, almond, coconut or soy milk! UGH!

Ordering a drink here could truly be intimidating if you didn’t take Starbuck 101.

Being able to flawlessly order a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato might be a proud moment for some, while the rest of us really don’t care.

I eavesdropped and cringed as I watched this crew of young ladies confusingly and embarrassingly giggle their way through their Starbucks order. It was obvious, they haven’t had a LOT OF Starbucks, or coffee for that matter. The barista carefully walked them through the difference between the sizes, the MILLIONS of drink options and flavors. This confused them even more and it showed on their faces.

But soon after their crash course in ordering Starbucks, one of them blurted out…

I’ll just stick with what I know until I figure this out!

I instantly knew she was my kinda gal! Someone who doesn’t have it all figured out just yet, working with what they have and know but committing to be better and meet the challenge head on.

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Starbucks, life and this weird comparison 

[bctt tweet=”Sometimes life Starbucks us; forcing us to focus more on the order than the process of ordering.” username=”iamianthia”]

Hear me out.

When we’re standing at life’s “order counter” and witness the person “ahead of us” who seems to have their order (i.e. life) perfectly selected and ready to go, it’s easy to lose focus on what it is that we came for.

Everyday life throws a 10 million options to consider and 10 million more choices to choose from.

Do I stay; do I go; where do I start; is this for me; how did she do that?

How do I know if this is right for me? Is this risk really worth taking? 

Is it time to take a tall, grande, or venti career move? 

You see, like Starbucks, life gives you many options to choose from and yes it’s sometimes confusing. But the beauty is sometimes sticking to what you know, committing to figuring it out and then taking the necessary steps to choose the ingredients that perfectly blend together to create something that’s just your flavor.

Like Starbucks, life could sometimes make us feel unprepared, inferior and like we’re not a part of the in crowd. Because we don’t have this “order” down pact, it could make us feel like the failures we’re not.

What success means you to should be a personal, intimate thing. 

Trust me, the next time you’re in Starbucks you’re gonna remember this blog and BOOM…it’s gonna all make sense!

Are you lettin’ life Starbucks you?

4 Responses
  • Dee
    April 9, 2018

    Nice analogy Ianthia. It’s easy to feel like you have to “keep up with the Joneses” when you don’t have it all figured out. Kind of experiencing this.

  • Felicity
    March 28, 2018

    I am a tea girl, so Starbucks is easy for me. Peppermint, Hibiscus or Chai Tea and I am good! Thanks for the reminder… don’t let life Starbucks you! lol

  • Sherelle Wallace
    March 27, 2018

    Your analogy is a great one. My sister and I had made a pact when we quit our jobs to write; that we would meet up every six months in Starbucks and ‘live that life’. Nothing worked out as planned and we’re both back to working for someone else; writing ‘on the side’. But as far as Starbucks goes, I’m so over it! And I never really started it! I’ll save all that money toward real estate, and my sister and I can sit on our balcony and sip some home brewed.

    • ianthia
      March 27, 2018

      Yaaaaasss! i’m so happy you got it! Gurl i buy a Starbucks drink maybe twice a year…but their chicken chipotle sandwich gets my money often lol!