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Don’t Believe the Hype! Everyone IS NOT Entitled to Your Energy!

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I posted about this on Instagram a few weeks ago and for some reason it stuck with me…and it’s still sticking.

As humans, we have this need to always be accepted, and when we’re not, we get mad and then judge; we call names, point the finger, but never stop to realise that;

Deciding who you let in your space is literally a matter of life or death Click To Tweet

Yes, it sounds dramatic but it is that serious.

Will your friends and acquaintances feed your fears but starve your dreams?

Will they water your insecurities but let your confidence wither?

Will they cheer on your successes or gloat at your failures?

Are the people in your circle clapping when you win or turning their head pretending not to see?

I never believed in the notion that every and anyone should be given a chance to be in your life, even when I’m on the receiving end of it. I get it…matter of life or death.

The minute you meet someone, you could almost always tell how long you need to keep them around.

As humans we're taught to give everyone a chance...but quite frankly I don't have time to waste Click To Tweet

I always follow my gut when it comes to who I share my energy with and who I let into my space.

And, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to around town being mean. Of course, be nice, be courteous, be approachable, but know how far to go.

I refuse to let anyone in if our energies aren’t vibing, or our personalities don’t mesh. What’s the sense? They could really be a great person; sweet, nice and loving, but probably just not for me?

There are many lessons from our childhood that we’ve forgotten after sixth grade, but are still applicable today.

Remember this?

Choose your friends, don't let your friends choose you Click To Tweet

What’s the point in forcing some shallow, meaningless relationship just to say “we know each other” or to give phony veiled smiles and hails in public? NO TIME TO WASTE!

I let my heart, intuition and energy guide me when I meet someone, the trick, though, is paying attention and obeying it!

If my heart says to run from you…I’M RUNNING FROM YOU!

If my intuition says you’re no good for me…YOU’RE NO GOOD FOR ME!


Who am I to ignore the inner me? Who are you to ignore the voice created to lead and guide you?

Be very careful who you let in your space. Don’t be bullied into a “bond” and don’t be faked into a friendship!

We have to get to a point of preserving and protecting our energies from the things and people who aren't meant to be in our lives Click To Tweet

Just as strapping on your seat belt and locking the house doors at night are essential to your wellbeing and survival, so is jealously guarding your energy.

To me, this is the true essence of happiness and peace: to protect your vibes, your energy, your aura and spirit.

I’ll say it again for those in the back…EVERYONE IS NOT ENTITLED TO YOUR ENERGY! 


4 Responses
  • Christina
    May 17, 2017

    Great stuff!

    • ianthia
      May 17, 2017

      yes mam! be stingy with yourself

  • syltura
    May 17, 2017

    this is so true sometimes you can feel the negative energy from certain people life is to short to waste on negativity

    • ianthia
      May 17, 2017

      Agreed! Protect your energy!