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Celebrity link up (Taylour Paige)

My job is insane! I hate it at times and then at times I love it! Today I absolutely LOVED IT! As you know I co-host/co-produce an entertainment web based show called The Click ( — shameless plug) and today my co-host and I got the awesome opportunity to interview the beautiful Taylour Paige, star of VH1’s TV show Hit The Floor for an episode! I was so psyched, excited and could not wait to sit down with Devil Girl Ahsha Hayes herself! Anyone who knows me well, knows I love that show so this for me was big! As my co-host and I sauntered up to Taylour’s three-storey penthouse suite in the elite Ocean Club Estates, I had to pinch myself, “Girl this is really gonna happen!” The elevator door opened right into the suite and as soon as it did this voice yelled, “Hi guys! Oh my gosh you look so pretty!” It was Taylour Paige complimenting me on my very girly all pink attire! We hugged, introduced ourselves and from there it was on! We chatted about everything from the popular Bahamian beer Kalik, to dancing the Dutty Wine, celebrity crushes, her life, her show and of course boys! This didn’t even feel like an interview, it was like I was chatting with an old friend from high school. The many laughs and giggles and whispers, you couldn’t tell us we weren’t the best of friends. It was indeed a blast to meet such a bubbly, fun-loving, calm and friendly soul. This was by far one of my favorite interviews ever: fun, down to earth and selfie-filled! Check out the video and photos below!

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