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Blown away by the Windy City

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I wont even lie, I’ve been sitting here trying to write this blog about my vacation for forever. Writing, deleting, backspacing, adding and subtracting. I’ve come to realize though, that when something is that good it’s hard to put into words. There are no words to really describe the experience I had during my Chicago vacation. From the food, to the sights, the nightlife, the FOOD, the company and…that Beyonce and JayZ On the Run tour experience…AMAZEBALLS! I’ve taken trips before but I wont even call them vacations because all they end up being were shop-a-thons in expensive malls, fast food binging sessions and sleepless nights. But this trip was different, I actually got a chance to relax, see the city, take in the sights, sounds and smells of Chi-town.


Tasting Chicago

While they’ve saved my life on numerous 12-hour work days, I loved the fact that McDonald’s and Wendy’s were nowhere on 20140725_135347_Richtone(HDR)my travel agenda, but instead my boyfriend and I dined at places like the Ralph Lauren Restaurant, where the lobster bisque and champagne cocktail took my taste buds to heaven, dived into Chicago’s world famous deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, had the best lobster mashed potatoes and tuna tartare at McCormick and Schmick’s Steak and Seafood, the best pulled pork at Harry Caray’s, Wildberry Pancakes and cafe (seriously the best pancakes ever)  and of course stuffed our faces with the world renowned Garret’s Popcorn, the cheese is my favorite!!


Touring Chicago

Shopping was a breeze on the Magnificent Mile that is truly magnificent and had all of my favorite shoes, clothing and makeup stores lined up for my picking. After being a 20140723_222738_Richtone(HDR)real tourist and flopping around in my shades and flats, most nights we went back to the hotel where I slipped into some sassy heels and a magazine cover like outfit. Spots like Vertigo served up Chicago realness. It was a party on the rooftop, 27 floors up with the cutest fire place blazing as bar tenders served us or vices…on ice. The lady sitting in front of me pouring her heart out through tears and alcohol to complete strangers, did nothing to spoil my mood but instead provided the entertainment. Later that night it was off to Spy Bar where we befriended the bartender and…let’s just say they’re like the best friends to have 🙂 Places like the Wit thrusted us into a party experience like none other and the Y Bar gave me all the hip hop, rap and grit I craved.


Seeing Chicago

One of the things I found most amazing and surprising about Chicago was the city’s architecture. The old school, turn of the century 20140726_110051_Richtone(HDR)American architecture was breathtaking to view each day. From the statues, the design of the museums and buildings, that city screams old school glamour and elegance. Of course we visited the famous Cloud Gate, or as I call it the jelly bean, I must say that is the ultimate reflection for a mirror selfie. Shopping at the Water Tower Place was awesome, I made sure to get a shot in front of the Michael Jordan statue at the United Center…and then there was the Willis Tower, artist formerly known as the Sears Tower, and the very scary, but oh so famous Sky Deck and The Ledge! OMG!

I have never been 103 floors up but I would do it again in Chicago! After much begging, prodding and convincing me that I wont die, he finally got me there.

20140726_164533_Richtone(HDR)I was brave during the two hours it took to get there (extremely long lines, longer waits, a short movie and breathers) but the minute we made it to floor 103 I panicked at just the thought of having to stand on an all glass balcony (of sorts) and looking down. But alas, I did it! I made it to the top, looked
down, even sat down and I have the pics to prove it. I have so many pics and videos to prove and document and record what was for sure an amazing experience. I even witnessed a protest (the reporter in me came alive), learned how to hail a cab and walk really quickly across the street in a sea of people. I had planned to write about that #OTR experience in this blog, but that concert was so good it deserves a post all it’s own!

20140728_173449 2

However, I must say even after my trip I returned home and finished off my vacation on the beach, in the best vacation spot in the world…The Bahamas…home.

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