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Blogger Blues: 4 Simple Things I’ve Found Harder to do Now That I Blog

I’ve always been a writer, reporter and journalist. Since I was 17-years-old my name has been in the bylines of local newspapers. But becoming a blogger has opened up so many amazing opportunities, relationships and worlds that I now love being a part of. Sharing stories on my website of travel, food, fashion and beauty, with other bloggers, is so fulfilling in so many ways. But I wont even lie, it’s really not as easy as it looks!

Being a blogger now has made some of the most natural tasks so much harder to bare because blogging is all I think about and everything I do is done with the blog in mind! That said, these four daily activities have now become daunting tasks!

Getting ready in the morning – Like seriously! What used to be a 25 to 30 minute task each day has now spiralled into a 45 minute to 1 hour event each day as I carefully choose my attire and look for the day…because I just might be blogging about it! All outfits, hairstyles and makeup touches have to be on point in case I have an impromptu photo shoot to show off my #ootd. I might just pass by a beautiful wall or building that could be the perfect background for my #lotd so of course getting ready in the mornings has now become a new job!


Having “simple” conversation – No conversation is simple anymore. If you’re a writer and blogger like me, you’re always listening for your next article. Any and everything anyone says could be your next amazing piece! While I love talking to people, I can’t help but taking mental or physical notes if something of interest pops up during conversation. The mind is always on the blog…because you’re only as good as your last published post!


Taking photos – Unless you travel with a professional photographer or someone who is so in tuned with your blog style and your best angles, taking photos is no longer a walk in the park. Every photo taken is possible blog material and has to be flawless! Summoning your little brother to capture your shots could turn out to be a very dreary day! He already doesn’t want to do it and he’s giving no direction with these shots! LOL!


Staying off of social media – Well this has been near impossible since my blog lives, breathes and thrives on the internet. Between sharing posts, searching and researching material for another, joining blogging groups, interacting with other bloggers, keeping my pages active and alive, it’s damn near impossible to go a day without social media. Back in the day, I loved forgetting that I even had a Twitter account and logging out of Facebook was a dream, but these days…they’re my alarm clocks and the heartbeat of all I do with my blog.


They say if you love it let it kill you, and I love blogging so I guess being an outfit-crazed, hyper-attentive, photo junkie with a social media addiction is what my tombstone will read! Yes, simple, daily activities are now carefully crafted around the blog potential and that’s quite fine! Other bloggers know exactly what I mean!