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All About The Benjamin…Layover Luxury

Flying makes you weary. Flying for 14 hours between time zones makes you exhausted! Making matters worse, if you have to make a pit stop in a city to layover until you reach your final destination, you’re pretty much pooped at this point!

This is what I thought would be my reality on my way back home from Dubai. I had a layover in Manhattan, New York and really needed a hotel that offered comfort, a homey feel and black out curtains! I usually do all my travel bookings myself with the Google search bar as my co-pilot, but this time I needed an expert. Someone who had the inside scoop on all the best hotels! So I teamed up with the amazing travel advisors at Going Places Travel who suggested that I spend my 24 hours in The Big Apple at one of the most lavish, most luxurious hotels in the city.

Introducing The Benjamin 

My friends at Going Places introduced me to the most beautiful hotel property! A location I would’ve never ever known about otherwise!

After getting into the city three hours after I initially expected due to a delayed flight, snaking along the longest line at the immigration check and hunting down my bags in a crowded airport, I checked into The Benjamin (I love that name!) at around 2 a.m., and yes, you guessed it…I was pooped! After checking in, dragging myself up to my room, I slid the key card in and opened the door to amazing…and a complimentary bottle of wine!

I was upgraded to a suite on the 19th floor, whose windows overlooked pockets of the gritty, but beautiful city. An airy and spacious living room area with beautiful artwork, bright throw pillows, a kitchenette and gorgeous furniture sat at my feet inviting me in! So I obliged!

It’s about 2:30 a.m. now and the only thing on my mind is sleep! I research everything, so when looking up The Benjamin, I soon came to learn that one of the hotel’s prized features is its sleep program. Yes, a hotel that actually enlists the help of sleep experts to create a sleep menu for guests and to choose the perfect beds, the best pillows, foods and other sleep amenities to help you snooze soundly. From water-filled pillows, pillows that sing you lullabies and even foam pillows that adjust to the body’s shape and temperature! I kid you not! That bed was divine!

The Benjamin takes sleep seriously

…And so do I! I slept like a baby that night, dreaming away that horrible jet lag and hours’ long flight! The bed welcomed my body and enveloped me into a little pocket carved just to my figure! I woke up the next day well rested and happy.

This is what a hotel is supposed to do for you!

Breakfast at The National was amazing! The quaint, cozy restaurant that sits just off of the hotel’s lobby was the perfect end to my jet lag and the perfect beginning to my day. Buzzing with activity and New Yorkers looking for a tasty bite, or for me, some hot chocolate to blanket me from the chill in the air, the restaurant oozes that New York feel: strong, bold and proud. I loved being there! The food, you ask? AMAZING!!! Jet lag works up quite the appetite, so I ordered a spread: steak and eggs, omelette with roasted potatoes and creamy grits, toast and apple pecan pancakes.

As luck would have it, I got to spend one more night in that big beautiful bed, but, my luck ran out really quickly when it was time to check out and the layover was…over. I wish I had gotten the chance to take advantage of more of the hotel’s amenities and features..but there’s always next time. And there will be a next time! With 209 rooms, 50% of which are suites, you’re sure to lay in the lap of luxury at The Benjamin.

Despite the short stay, The Benjamin has outdone any other hotel I’ve ever stayed at and is now my home away from home whenever I’m in Manhattan. Layovers are usually frowned upon and so unwanted, but if your next visit to Manhattan is complete with a stay at The Benjamin, then you’ll certainly “Be at your best!”

This award winning hotel is located 125th E 50th St! Head over to to book your stay now! I highly recommend it!

P.S. Check out The Benjamin’s feature on CBS News, raving about its sleep program!


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