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Amazon Won’t Do This for You! Winning Kelly’s Bride of the Year Has Been a Blessing!

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I remember being in preschool and my family entering me into these kiddie pageants. I half loved them and half hated them, but I did them anyway. I also remember this one year when I placed second runner up and missed the crown and sash by a hair.

Well just a few weeks ago I joked with my new family at Kelly’s House and Home, that I can finally bring my mother’s pageant queen dreams to life; I’d just won the title of Kelly’s 2018 Bride of the Year and finally…finally got to take home my very own crown and sash!

kelly's bride of the year

When we first got engaged I immediately knew that I wanted to set up a gift registry at Kelly’s. From baby and wedding showers, house warming festivities and even hallmark birthdays, Kelly’s has been a longstanding part of Bahamian culture and gift giving; and now it was finally my time to get in on the tradition.

I was super excited to set up my appointment and meet with my consultant Tanya. We browsed the store adding everything I could imagine to the list; from wine glasses, towels, pillows, bathroom accessories, fine China, kitchen utensils, sheet sets and kitchen appliances, the list was endless. We surely gave our guests a healthy menu of gifts to choose from.

From our wedding shower to even after the honeymoon, the gifts and gift vouchers (with the budgets of a small loan) continuously rolled in for us, we are blessed! But one day I went to collect some gifts left in store and was told that I was eligible to register for the famous bride of the year competition; and that I only had a few hours to submit my application!

I was so tired from wedding planning, had just returned home from honeymoon and, honestly, I was over anything wedding related, but I obliged! I filled out my form, submitted my photos and counted my lucky stars.

Literally a few days later, I got a call from an ecstatic Mrs. Martin telling me that I was chosen as Kelly’s Bride of the Month for August 2018! I was so surprised and super excited. We walked away with two trolleys full of gifts (yes, more gifts!) and a $250 gift certificate. Listen, the shopping spree was in full effect!

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kelly's bahamas bride of the year

By the end of last year, I was now in the running with 11 other beautiful 2018 brides for bride of the year. At a swanky Sunday afternoon luncheon all 12 of us and our hubbies enjoyed great company, non-stop entertainment and lots of laughs as we held our breaths to see who would take home the grand prize.

I had no idea what to expect and since winning crowns and sashes has never been my thing, I wasn’t so sure I’d walk away with the pair that day. But lo and behold I was crowned the 2018 Kelly’s Bride of the Year!


Posted by Ianthia Ferguson on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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This time we walked away with a $1,000 Kelly’s gift certificate and 21 (more) gifts! We got a food processor, a waffle maker (y’all know I love brunch food!), bedroom linen, dinnerware, a grill…and even a sewing machine among other amazing gifts for our home!

kellys 2018 bride of the year bahamas
kelly's 2018 bride of the year

I’ll be honest and say that, yes, I did have another wedding registry set up on Amazon for some of our out of town guests. But from the moment I walked into Kelly’s to set up my at-home list, I was welcomed into a family. The ladies have been amazing at helping me navigate the aisles, choosing the right things for our home and even putting me on to items I never thought I’d need. Registering for the bride of the year competition was the best decision I made, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! LITERALLY!

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how to win kelly's bahamas bride of the year

Getting married soon?

Sure, you can set up online registries on your fave sites, but don’t forget to register with Kelly’s and enter the bride of the year competition. You’ll immediately gain a family, have that one-on-one care and support, throw your name in the hat for bride of the month and/or bride of the year and walk away with nearly $10,000 in gifts and prizes…Amazon won’t do that for you!

P.S. They’re already plotting on and counting down to our baby shower registration! LOL!

4 Responses
  • Susan G Glinton
    June 3, 2019

    Love this! You have done us proud!

    • ianthia
      June 11, 2019

      Thank you Susan!

  • Hadassah Deleveaux
    May 29, 2019

    Girl, Kelly’s for the win! There was not even another consideration. And I too know the feeling when you walk away with trolleys of gifts! It’s a GREAT FEELING (borrowing the slogan from our old stomping ground! Lol!). But honestly, I knew you would win overall from you posted that you won for August. I absolutely knew! They scored big! I, on the other hand, didn’t even sign up for Bride of the Month.

    • ianthia
      May 29, 2019

      Yes Kelly’s for the win! They have everything for the house and home. I almost missed signing up as well! It’s a good thing the lady asked me about it that day because it totally wasn’t on my mind. Thank you for reading!