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A year ago today I quit my job…

Yup, I took a risk and took a chance on me.

I walked out of my office with a small box in tow and never looked back. I didn’t turn in a two weeks’ notice resignation letter, there was no going away party with cake and no final words from my coworkers.

I just walked out and said goodbye, never to look back again.

I didn’t know what the world had in store for me but I was eager to find out. I’d come to the point with that particular job where I was done, I had reached the ceiling (literally) and there was nowhere to go but out the door.

I had no job lined up, no interviews to attend the next day and no idea what I would do next. I was taking a huge risk, a bold move that could have any number of consequences. But there are two things I did know for sure: 1) I needed to make that move and 2) I would be ok in the end. And guess what, I was.

The following month was amazing. It was December and it felt like I was on a vacation; I celebrated my birthday, I traveled, I had a great Christmas and New Year and then, what seems like it was out of the blue, I was contracted for a major TV hosting gig. Then it hit me, “Freelance. Just work for yourself and do freelance media work. This is what you do.” And so for the past year, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing; working for myself as a freelance media specialist; writing, hosting, voicing commercials and PSAs, developing my blog, making my name known internationally through my writing etc.

Who would ever think that the year right after you quit your job you’d travel to three different countries you’ve never been to before (Spain, Canada and Puerto Rico), make a pay cheque every month that oftentimes rivalled your monthly salary on your previous job, spend more time with family and friends and be incredibly happy and fulfilled? I sure didn’t and that’s because initially I was afraid.

After I shook that fear, I couldn’t be stopped.

This newfound ability to explore aspects of my career that I once ignored because I was bogged down with other people’s schedules, needs, wants and demands, exhilarated my thoughts and spurred creative ideas like never before.

I was free.

Free to tend to my needs, my demands, my wants. Free to set my own schedules and be my own boss. I was now free to do what my bosses have done: stopped building someone else’s dreams and build my own. I was free to build my brand, build a name for myself and free to show someone who just might need it, that the fear of taking risks only cripples getting the reward. So here I am exactly one year later; still alive, still breathing, still eating, still travelling (even more so), still making money and still being me. It’s amazing the things you can do once you stop being afraid.

Here I am, exactly one year later, free to explore myself.


23 Responses
  • Niandre
    January 1, 2016

    #inspiring… I needed this! I will be building my own dreams 2016 is mine

  • Carey
    December 9, 2015

    Guts, boldness and faith! I am leaving my job in less than 40 days – a decision I had to make after feeling stuck with no place for growth and being unfairly treated despite my work ethics and what I had to offer. Like you I have no jobs lined up – but I am going out in faith, I am trusting God and trusting the process. I have decided to go into freelancing while transitioning into entrepreneurship. What I am learning is — every leap has to come with FAITH! That’s what it is – not knowing what the result will be but knowing that whatever the obstacles are, you’ll be just fine and happier while living in your purpose. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s quite inspiring.

    I definitely need to chat with you girl 🙂

    Xx, Carey

    • ianthia
      December 9, 2015

      Hey there! That’s exactly what it it’s all about! Sometimes you have to get selfish and bold and courageous in order to better yourself. I was at a breaking point so bad with my job that I cried many days and nights, it was the pits! I knew it wasn’t healthy and it made no sense!

      We can definitely chat! 🙂

  • Shantia
    December 8, 2015

    You motivate me in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your story!!! God is truly awesome. Empowered to empower others. Your gifts are truly making room for you. Enjoy the journey! There are so many more wonderful surprises!

  • Garnell
    December 3, 2015

    This is an inspiration for a journey I hope to be embarking on very soon! Much success in the future.

  • Kara Butler Wight
    November 30, 2015

    I celebrate you and people like you. I did the same thing in January and I am soo much happier

  • Lana
    November 30, 2015


  • Chrissy
    November 30, 2015

    Great story! STEP OUT!

  • Kenya Ferguson
    November 30, 2015

    I am so proud of you my friend. When we met in Junior school I knew you were special. You were beautiful but brainy, brave, Outspoken yet intelligent and aware of what was happening in the world around you. Eyes have not seen and neither have ears heard…you yourself haven’t begun to imagine the places where God is about to take you. Continue to be fearless and possess the land hun

  • Akera Morley
    November 29, 2015

    Very inspiring! 🙂

    November 29, 2015

    Such wonderful testimony. This is stepping out of the box. So great for a young woman in our country. Show of determination and letting go. You thought , you did , you made it happen. Congrats dynamic entrepeneur. Go forth and let your light so shine that others may see the works of the lord….so proud of you . Keep dreaming. Positive vibes.

    • ianthia
      November 29, 2015

      thank you for your kind words!

  • Deborah Pratt
    November 28, 2015

    Now that’s my kind of story! I love to see people step out in faith and pursue their dreams. There are so many that desire to do the same but allow fear to hold them back. Hopefully your story would inspire others. Continue on the path that you’re on. The best is yet to come!

    • ianthia
      November 29, 2015

      Thank you so much!

  • Michaela
    November 28, 2015

    FEAR- “Face Everything And Rise”
    Continue to walk in purpose girlie!

  • Billie Bowe
    November 28, 2015

    Continue to inspire others. You’re a winner!

  • Sasha
    November 28, 2015

    Love this… Congrats and continued blessings Ianthia… #inspiration #goals

  • Nikita smith
    November 28, 2015

    That’s purpose there! When God has a vision for your life he would make a way. Inspirational msg, may God continue to elevate you.

  • Farreno F
    November 27, 2015


    • ianthia
      November 27, 2015

      #theinspiration thank you