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6 things the independent woman doesn’t want to be independent about

We all know that woman; the work hard, make her own money, doesn’t need a man to make it independent girl. She’s strong willed, smart, beautiful inside and out, she has it all together and whatever man may or may not come into her life, need not worry about having to care for her because, “she gat this!” He doesn’t have to worry about having a damsel in distress by his side because many times she’ll be his knight in shining armour, the one who saves his day. She’s lovable, assertive, takes the initiative and really doesn’t wait on the world to give her opportunities, she creates them. She has a boss demeanour, a no nonsense stance that attracts and sometimes scares those around her. She too, loves these unique qualities about herself, but what many may not know is that while she could handle everything that comes her way, many times she doesn’t want to. Here are 6 of those scenarios.

shutterstock_1492788171. When she’s scared: The strong girl gets scared too. I get scared too! Despite her tough as nails attitude and her ability to handle tough situations that may come her way, the independent woman gets scared. Her ability to be help deprived could sometimes prove to be more harm than good. For her, asking for help could be seen as a sign of weakness, a sign of being dependent; certainly something she’s not. So when she does get scared, need help or doesn’t know what to do, swoop in and take the cape off of her and help her. Underneath that tough exterior are butterflies and rainbows. 

2. Choosing/buying food: I know this sounds like such a simple thing, but sometimes choosing what to eat could be a hassle! Having bae, babe or baby ask you what you want to eat could be hella nerve wrecking. Like, choosing what she wants to eat has to be one of the hardest decisions to make daily. Worse yet, is when you’re out with your guy and that decision is left up to you! Independent? Yes. But please handle this one, ok!

3. Her car, mechanical, technical issues:  Jesus take the wheel! Literally. She’s into driving cars, not fixing them. Yes, she’s had many days of taking her car to the mechanic for a service or oil change; taking it to the shop for a tire repair, but she never really wants to. Her iPad, laptop and phone charger trips up and she’s automatically looking for bae. She’s independent but she has no time for wires and strings and mechanics.62376-Im-An-Independent-Woman

4. Her feelings/emotions (sometimes): This is probably the one thing she leads the world to think she has all under control. But really, there are times she wants someone else to help her hands to steer the wheel. Being as strong as she is, she’s more than likely emotionally pregnant with thoughts, feelings, ideas and insecurities that she sometimes need help figuring out. She may thug it out and pretend to want to go to battle alone, but this is one thing I can say for sure the independent woman not always wants to be independent about. Read between the lines, read her eyes and give the sister a hand…as much as she’d allow you to!

5. Making tough life decisions: Should she go back to school or take that online class, approach the boss about that promotion, take the job offer or negotiate a higher salary? Here again, she needs you! Yes, she’s woman enough to stand by the decision she makes, but she just might need some help getting there.

6. Bugs, critters, creepy, crawley things: Kind of self explanatory! Her best friend when home alone is the Baygon bug spray and the fly swat! There are the occasional bugs she could go toe to toe with, but when the frogs, flying cockroaches and centipedes come to play…she needs you! The independent woman is brave and strong, yes, but creatures just aren’t her thing!

So yes men, there are some things we willingly allow to slip between the cracks in our cement-like approach to life and this is where you come in. We know, we know, we sometimes come off so harsh and tough that it turns you off. While we wont apologize for being independent, strong and woman, we can admit that sometimes…we just don’t want to be. Being independent can for sure turn people off in some ways and make them not offer help and sometimes hope, because we’ve let them believe that no matter what it is, “we gat this!” But sometimes we really don’t.