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50 Shades of Gray! The New Neutral!

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I kid you not when I say my inner Martha Stewart has been awakened!

So I’ve just made a big move and now I’m in the midst of doing some interior decorating which can be both fun and exhausting at the same time. On top of that, I’m also preparing a space to shoot more videos and get some visual content going on social media, so I’m designing a “set” for those projects. 

In choosing my palette and color scheme for the locations, I kept seeing these sultry gray hues that had me locked in. Deep grays, light grays, bluish grays, “regular grays,” brownish grays, there’s “greige”; I soon realised that gray is the new neutral and is the perfect base to any interior design. 

Gray is just sexy! It’s cooling, it’s mature, but still youthful, it’s neutralizing and it pretty much goes with every other color! Splashes of pinks, reds, yellows, even nude shades pair so well with this hue.

What I love most about this color is that, unlike everything they’ve told us in school, gray come sin various shades. I’ve found grays in the deepest color to some that look almost white. In the middle of that spectrum, there are grays with so many other hints of color, amking it a hard, but fun task choosing the perfect gray. 

I know gray is usually associated with sadness, rainy days and just a big wallop of bah hum bug, but this new shade is proving to be the best thing to splash walls and cover furniture in in recent times. Everywhere I go I’m bumping into gray fabrics, gray paint, gray accessories, gray everything! 

I’m super excited to complete my little DIY interior design project complete with all things gray! I’m even more excited for you guys to see my new videos and to finally bring some moving life to my social sites. I’ll blog about the video roll out as soon as I get that up and running and as soon as I finish designing the “set.” 

What are some of your interior design tips? What color are you crushing on right now? Let’s talk design, leave comments below!