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Snapchat Makes Me Ratchet! My 4 Social Media Personalities and Why You Should Follow Them All!

Social media has its way of bringing out your multiple personalities. LOL! I’m not saying any of us is crazy, but I think we all have different sides to us that we show to different people at different times…I know I do! I recently realised that my social media accounts expose a different side to me every time I tweet, post, snap or upload! Although a little different, these four “personalities” (out of a possible 20 that I have LOL) perfectly combine to create the fun loving, media maven, globetrotting, fashionista that I am! So here goes…I break down my 4 social media personalities and explain why you should be following them all!


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.52.27 AM


The mother of all my social media accounts is good, old faithful Facebook! I have two accounts here; my personal account and my fan page. On my personal page I share a lot about my family, love life, friends, pets and the girl I am when I’m not working. Still fun and a little sassy, I’m more reserved here, I’d say I’m very Sunday on Facebook…you know, quiet, relaxing, just chilling! I have so many friends and followers there so I stay talking to people through status posts and comments. Facebook is like the family tree for me, where I have all of my family, friends, old schoolmates and even some teachers…so, no ratchet there! LOL! My Facebook fan page brings out the reporter in me. I share a lot of my blogs, stories and posts here. I also reshare a lot of interesting articles I come across and want my readers to get in on. So here, I’m very professional…like I’m sitting at the anchor’s desk. Follow these if you want to read some amazing lifestyle, beauty and travel blogs! 

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 My Instagram account is truly a reflection of my brand and image. This is my real visual canvas; the app I use most to tell my visual story. Instagram is where ALL the photos are! Over the years, as my brand has grown, so has my IG account. Because the photos are there forever, I try to tell a consistent, continuous story, ensuring that the photos are fluid, alike and pretty. That might sound boring, but Instagram is where I work! I’m a lot of business and a lot of fun on here; posting my articles, beauty and fashion finds, my flat lays (which I’m constantly working on), on set photos, inspirational quotes, travel photos, daily outfit posts and uber selfies! 🙂 I love IG because it lets me expose my creative and artsy side, post tons of photos and go hashtag crazy! Follow this if you want to see my fashionable, creative side through beautifully edited photos! 

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 Say it like you mean it! As a writer, Twitter gives me so much freedom to say what the hell I want, when the hell I want! From being inspirational, giving advice, talking about my day, sharing stories, chatting with my friends, here’s where you get the tea about me and how I feel in real time. On Twitter I GO IN on my thoughts and in a string of tweets you can easily figure how I feel, what’s bothering me, who’s bothering me on any given day. Slick mouth! Catch me on a good day and I might be having a full on conversation about failed friendships and relationships…or even the amazing ones I enjoy today! Follow this if you want to find out what I think about, complain about, give advice about from time to time. 

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 My alter ego “Iangkia” comes out on Snapchat and I don’t know why! Lol! She’s a little ratchet, she loves to dance, loves to sing (although she can’t), she cooks, goes shopping, works out, fights with skinny jeans in the dressing room, she hardly filters and edits anything and she’s raw and uncut. I love the fact that snapchat tells you a story…only for 24 hours! Here I get to show you aspects of my day that I wont share anywhere else, in all its truth and many times without makeup. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat allows my viewers to see a complete story without breaking up my posts on a timeline. It gives my day fluidity and sequence and the best part…it’s gone in 24 hours! Again unlike IG, if I post a photo that I don’t really like or that doesn’t fit the mood at the time, I have no worries because it disappears. It took me a while to jump on the Snapchat train but now that I’m on, I’m riding it till the wheels fall off! Click here to follow my snaps!  Follow this if you want to see me get down and let loose while cooking, cleaning and even singing in the shower!


Follow me on all my accounts and I’ll follow back!

I’m @iamianthia on everything! 

DISCLAIMER: I rarely use the same photo for all of my profile pics, but I loved this pic so…it stays!

3 Responses
  • Sam
    May 29, 2016

    This post was hilariously awesome! I like to think all my social media personalities are the same because I’m too lazy to have multiple versions of myself. 🙂

    S .x

    • ianthia
      May 29, 2016

      lol! thank you for reading, I realised this when I joined Snapchat…I was like why am I so wild on here?! lol