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3 Reasons to NOT Miss The White Party This Year

Let me just admit that I missed The White Party last year…but I had a good reason!

I had to travel to Rio for work to cover the 2016 Summer Olympics, but when the photos started to hit the internet of people partying, networking and straight chilling at the luxury event, I wanted to immediately hop a flight and head back home!

I actually had the pleasure of attending the first annual event in 2015  which was so chic, so classy and so sophisticated that I now keep my neck craned in anticipation for that winter white “coming soon” poster each year.

white party bahamas

2015 – my first white party!

The White Party is a socialite’s dream! It’s a glamorous, high-end event complete with local and internationally acclaimed models, luxury vehicles, art, fashion, music, food and real estate.

It’s invite only so that makes it super exclusive and coveted, with people clamouring to get their names on the guest list each year.

This year though, the organizers are upping the ante and spreading the event over a weekend of fun and frolicking. That’s three straight days of haute living.

The White Party was curated in aim of merging and propelling the luxury real estate, art and lifestyle we offer here in The Bahamas. The event started off as an open house for an on market property and somehow took on a life of its own. Ryan and I wanted to deliver a kind of experience that’s unpopular in our country. We’re just delighted that people enjoy it and look forward to attending every year. – Shamon Campbell, co-founder, The White Party

What this event does is create an experiential lifestyle opportunity to bring our clients, key influencers, and partners together and allow them to see the space coma live, see how they may entertain friends and actually live in the space. – Ryan Knowles, The White Party

Y’all know I’m nosey so I had to get the deets. I caught up with Shamon to get the scoop on why you wont want to miss out on this year’s event.

Reason #1 – Art Surprise

They’ve been killing it this year! The artsy geniuses of Allan Wallace, Stefan Davis and Jamaal Rolle have created Trilogy, where the painters, sketch artists and creatives have wowed their crowds at every turn. Shamon didn’t want to spill the beans but she did say that one of these artists is about to pop off in a major way at this year’s event!

“It’s a surprise! I shouldn’t even say because just yesterday I was on the phone with him and he was like, ‘Don’t tell anyone!’ But here I am now telling you. But it’s a surprise he’s coming with and it’s going to be amazing. Well, you can’t expect anything less than amazing from the entire group” she adds.

Reason #2 – Charity + Giving Back

I get it, life gets in the way sometimes and when we want to do our part to make our little Bahamas a better place we just can’t make it! This year part proceeds from The White Party will go to Hands for Hunger; the non-profit organization that’s doing its part to beat hunger in the country. The White Party founders teamed up with this amazing company to spread a little love around the island.

“The event was never designed for profit.” Shamon adds. “Which we wont! We’d be happy if we break even. But, there are considerable costs to throw an event of this scale and this year, unfortunately, we had to put a price on the attendance to assist with our expenses. We would invite guests at no cost every year if it becomes possible. Here we are just expressing ourselves creatively hoping for clients, colleagues and friends to enjoy.”

Reason #3 – Summer Set Off!

It’s officially summer and what better way to kick off the season than with the hottest party of the year?! This year’s White Party is perfectly scheduled; coming right at the cusp of Summer ’17 and guaranteed to set the mood right for the rest of the hot season. From hot white decor, to bubbly drinks flowing all weekend long, gourmet dishes and pure vibes, The White Party is what we all need in our lives right now!

“Starting with The Art Party, a very intimate experience at a luxury condo on Paradise Island.” Shamon says. “The Beach Party will be nothing short of amazing as well but we’ve put a whole lot emphasis on The White Party on Sunday. We want our guests to be blown away by the ambience of the evening. Our corporate partners have came out in a major way to assist with the transformation of an already incredible venue.”

This year’s event is spread out to give the party’s corporate sponsors better positioning and visibility to partygoers.

This year’s corporate partners: ALIV, The Royal Bank of Canada, NUA, Mercedes, Warwick, Bristol, BAHARI, One Ocean, Bahamian Escapes, Artscape, Jetlinks Bahamas, ScentPression, BahaPrintz. 

The fun kicks off tonight (Friday June 23) with the Art Party, Saturday is the Beach Party and the weekend wraps up with title event The White Party.

Check out The White Party website here for more details!

Now, the hard part…time to find something to wear!