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10 Things you can say to an engaged couple other than, “Where’s my invite?!”

Planning a wedding is an intensely emotional experience; and I really didn’t know how much so until I started planning my own. 

It’s this delicate balancing act of ensuring that all decisions you make are self satisfactory, but also pleasing to your groom, your family, his family and anyone else you deem important.

This is further compounded by picking the perfect colors for the decor, choosing the bridesmaids dresses, him choosing the groomsmen outfits and music that mean something to the two of you; ensuring the wedding dress is coming along nicely, finding the photographer, making sure your grandmother’s seat is perfectly chosen, ensuring you don’t order shrimp for the person with seafood allergies or steak for the vegan.

Even more taxing; is carrying out renovations on your soon to be marital home and making sure that all lights being mounted are perfect for a selfie (I’m kidding…or am I?!)

Planning a wedding is a very stressful, emotionally charged time for any couple and honestly, we don’t need to add guilt to the list of already long feelings by people constantly asking;

Where’s my invite?!

I think this is the one question a couple dreads being asked; especially after the invites have gone out. 

While everyone who’s ever known you wants the honor of being invited to your wedding; it’s just not practical, nor budget friendly. And at a time when a couple is about to embark on their amazing life changing journey and need all the advice, well wishes, happy thoughts and positivity as possible there are so many other things someone can say, ask or do instead of…you know what!

10 Things you can say to an engaged couple other than, “Where’s my invite?!”

1. Share some advice – Especially if you’re married; the one thing you ought to be dishing out to a couple about to jump the broom is advice! Advice on how to love, how to argue, how to forgive, how to get through the crazy wedding planning phase. Sound advice could go a long way! 

2. Memories of you and them – So fine; maybe you have known the bride, groom or both since they were born. It could be really refreshing to share a funny story you may have of them when they were younger, or any memory that connects you. A quick laugh could help them to get their minds off the drama. 

3. Your personal experience – Feel free to share your own relationship, engagement, marriage experience. As a bride-to-be, I’d love to hear your tales from how you met, how he proposed, how you’d like him to propose…anything! You don’t have to spill the intimate details, of course.

4. CONGRATULATIONS! – It’s perfectly fine to just give the couple your well wishes! No long talking, no prying. Be the bright spot in their bill paying, hair pulling planning.

5. What’s new – Sometimes I don’t want to talk about the wedding… AT ALL! Sometimes I want to hear something new! Feel free to dish on some good news of your own! New job, travel plans, the baby’s birthday is coming up? Sometimes helping the couple to temporarily remove themselves from the wedding could be a great thing. 

6. The plug – If you’ve been using an amazing housekeeper, plumber or electrician for a while; or if you have the scoop on how to use all those Tupper Wear bowls gifted at the shower, share the deets! These people are about to build a life, all plug information accepted! 

7.  Ask about the wedding – This might be a hard thing for some people to do and they might be tempted to ask the dreaded question. But showing a keen, genuine interest in the festivities is welcomed!

8. Do you need help with anything? – Offering up your time, services, help could be a welcomed treat to the couple…and could secure that invite you wanna ask for! But seriously, when planning a wedding, the couple needs as much help as possible!

9. Prayers – Just to hear, “I’ll keep you guys in my prayers,” is so powerful!

10. Honeymoon advice – This one is major for me…being a travel blogger and all; and especially since we’re still hunting for a honeymoon location! Suggesting some amazing locales the couple can check out would be dope!