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Celebrity nude pics a great reality check…for the rest of us

The good Lord might just strike me down if I say I didn’t click on a few links that took me to the leaked nude photos of some of our favorite female celebrities…(coughs), for research purposes of course. What were you thinking?! And while it’s clear that those photos weren’t meant for our eyes, they have already gone viral and sparked FBI investigations and news segments. But while talking to a few people about the issue, there seemed to be a common thread, especially among the men…disappointment! Not disappointment in the fact that they feel embarrassed for the loveable and now married Meagan Good or disappointment in the fact that Gabrielle Union, the seemingly classy lady, has fallen victim to vulchers, but disappointment in the fact these women, photographed in their most natural, unphotshopped environment, without the waist trainers and push-up bras, the laid hairstyles and beat faces…don’t live up to their fantasies, as if getting rid of these beauty extras totally made these women less desirable.

I heard one radio announcer say he doesn’t like Meagan Good anymore because her ass looked flat in one of the photos, while her red carpet photos looked more curvy. I heard another man say he thought Gabrielle Union was “a pie” but after seeing the photos she “shapes like a man.”

These days, more so than ever, beauty secrets and tricks are willingly being shared. Women are proud to show off their waist trainers, butt lifters, makeup routines and even hair tricks, blatantly proving that much of what you see really is just an illusion. And men know this! So I don’t get the grave disappointment when they see their favorite celebrities in the raw. I’ve seen the memes, the basic chick (I hate this phrase)  this, basic chick that comparisons, describing women who’d much iphone-nuderather go without all the extra, creating this basic chick versus bad bitch competition. But as these leaked photos have proven, a bad bitch is just a basic chick who decided to dress to the nines one day. That said we’re all “basically” bad mama jammas, including these women who’ve  been the center of many men’s fantasies but are now getting a bad rap for being themselves. MEN! These women are still beautiful, still sexy and are right now teaching your asses a lesson! Now here’s were the woman in me come out. I’m not bout to sit here either and feel sorry for the pretty little rich girls who are now being called basic. They’re the ones regular girls like me (with 2 jobs, a life, a different pay scale and real life issues) are expected to look like on a daily basis. Their glamorous photos are the ones our men fantasize about when we walk out of the bathroom wearing silk caps and Mickey Mouse pajama pants. So then I thought, have these leaked photos actually helped normal women like us? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a million dollar pay check or to bask in someone else’s embarrassment to know that I’m a 10…with and without the extra. But now do men appreciate us?! Now do they realize that it ain’t all that serious?! I’m still baffled by the disappointment of these men in seeing these woman in their most beautiful state, proving the selfishness of testosterone. They want the women they’re attracted to be “beautiful” to validate themselves. They want her to be flawless to make him feel and look good. They want the woman in their lives to look like the girl in their fantasy to bring his dream to life! Selfish! The only thing the men who fall into this category should be disappointed in is himself. These leaked photos probably captured these ladies at a time when they were most happy – without the flashing lights, uncomfortable body cinchers, sans marketing vulchers (who only see them as commodities anyway) breathing down their necks telling them to smile when their feet are hurting and all they want to do is cry because they haven’t eaten all day. These photos, without the red carpet frenzy, fake smiles and stuck up dispositions; with stretch marks and birth marks and moles are…naturally beautiful! I’m not disappointed at all!