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Who. What. Wear. (Washington D.C.)

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 started off and will end just amazingly for you! I’m just back from my winter vacation to Washington D.C. where my coats, boots and layers of clothing were a must! Imagine hopping on a plane from The Bahamas in 80 degree weather and 2 and a half hours later you land in D.C. where the temperature dropped to 40! I was chill shocked…to say the least. But being the great tourist that I am, each day I was determined to bundle up and hit the streets of the United States’ capital. Here are my fave outfits from the trip…and the ones I was brave enough to take my jacket off to show off!

Channeling Olivia Pope! 


I didn’t care that the weather was 45 degrees this day! I found these amazing camel booties and knew I couldn’t hide their beauty by stuffing jeans down in them…they deserved legs! And that’s what they got! I paired these amazing booties with a dark teal off the shoulder dress, a black trench coat and a leopard print scarf! I had so much fun sightseeing in this outfit. Although it was a bit chilly, it was super comfy and the perfect tourist get up. This cute little African boy even paid me the sweetest little compliment in his language. His older brother translated for me and told me he said I was cute! Made my day! Now off to the White House!




Dress|| Zara 

Booties|| Forever 21 

Headband|| Forever 21 

Jacket|| had too long to remember! 

Scarf|| H&M

Winter white! 


I was straight chillin’ on this day! I soon realized that my toes were going numb from the cold and decided to join the trend in D.C. and get some boots with a little more cushion and warmth on the inside. I found these cute little ones and wore them just about the entire trip. They provided so much warmth for my steps and added a fashionable little touch to my casual outfits. I went for an all white look where I paired the boots with white jeans and a white long sleeved crew neck T-shirt. For the perfect finish, I topped the look off with my winter fave…a cream colored faux fur vest, that I pull out whenever the temperatures drop below 65!


Jeans|| Gap 

Long sleeved T-shirt|| H&M

Faux fur vest|| my closet (I had this so long I can’t remember) 

Boots and socks ||DSW 

Blues…Crushed! NYE ’16 

20151231_210521 I immediately fell in love with this blue crushed velvet halter dress! I knew it would be my dress for the New Year’s Eve party I was going to hit up in D.C. It was so velvety, so rich and so appropriate for the night I knew I had to wear it. I felt so sexy wearing this dress and I love how it pulled everything together! I kept it simple with a pair of silver earrings, silver strappy sandals and my favorite red/brown matte lippie (it’s the L.A. Girl Spicy I blogged about a while back). And the compliment poured in that night 😉

20151231_215134 20151231_215307 20160101_020921 20160101_020933

Dress|| H&M

Shoes|| Guess

Earrings|| Michael Kors


My MK black bag was a life saver, it held everything and matched every outfit! I’ve fallen in love with handbag accessories (blog coming soon) and love this little furry one I got for Christmas. I think a good, durable, handy purse when travelling is so necessary and makes life easier!


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