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Who. What. Wear. (Thailand)

Dreams do come true!

And your bucket list items are there to be checked off! I’m just back from one of thee best vacations ever to Thailand and while I knew this location would be awesome, I had no clue it would quickly become one of the (if not the) best places I’ve ever visited. Like, seriously! 

From the elaborate and immaculate temples, to the island life of Phuket, the buzzing city center that’s Bangkok, the countryside beauty of Chaing Mai and Chaing Rai cities, the always pulsating Bangla Street, the food, the people, the atmosphere, the constant smiles, the lengths to which my coins stretched;

Thailand has definitely my stolen heart! 

I promise to break Thailand all the way down in SEVERAL upcoming posts! 

But while I unpack, catch up on sleep and readjust my life to the time change, it’s time now for the fashion journey of my trip! I love blogging Who. What. Wear. after each trip to break down my fave looks from my adventure, because what’s travelling without some fashion, right?! 

So here goes…

Who. What. Wear. (Thailand)

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Colorful Bikini

I’ve had this two-piece long sleeved, off the shoulder, tie down the back, custom made bikini sitting in my room for months; never worn and waiting on a special occasion. When the trip to Thailand came up, I knew this would be the perfect place to wear it. The pops of pinks and blues and purples, played nicely with the turquoise glistening waters of the Phi Phi Islands. And guess what…it’s Bahamian-made! Yes! It was made by Bahamian swimsuit designer Kristen Cartwright of Dklypse! 

Swimsuit|| Dklypse 


There are some pieces you see and you instantly know you gata have! So we were sailing along on the floating market and I see this beautiful white dress littered with butterflies and I had to have it! I absolutely love this dress! It’s so light, airy and cool and has little pom poms on the sleeves. I wore this the day we toured the Grand Palace in Bangkok and was super happy I did! Not only did it meet the dress requirements (shoulders and legs covered) but coincidentally, it fit right in with the beautifully designed buildings. I paired this dress with my tie up pom pom sandals and was comfy and stylish the whole day…and so girly!

Dress|| Floating market (Thailand)


I was intent on competing with the colors in the floating market! LOL! I knew when packing for Thailand, I had to take bright, vibrant pieces that complemented the shocking hues of color that have become synonymous with that country. This hot pink jumpsuit was the perfect touch for sailing down the canal at the floating market, passing by the brightest and biggest oranges, sunny yellow mangoes, cherry red strawberries and neon green kiwis! The jumpsuit was comfy and perfect for the ride and weather.

Jumpsuit||Hashtag Clothing Store (Bahamas)

Dubai Black 

So if you’ve read these posts before, you’d know I love travelling with clothing I got from other countries, as a way to blend countries and cultures! After a year of beautifully hanging in my closet, I finally got to wear this black and gold kaftan I got on my trip to Dubai! I just knew it would be perfect for a visit to Wat Pho temple in Phuket and would be great for pics! Again, the kaftan adhered to all dress code rules and kept me cool. The sheer material was perfect for slipping into the perfect spot for a selfie with the Reclining Buddha, The jewel encrusted neckline really gives this piece life! 


The bucket bag, of all bucket bags! 

I think I mentioned this lifesaving bag in another blog, because this truly is my travel saviour! I got this black, fringy bucket bag almost two years ago and whenever I’m packing for a trip I make sure it makes the list! This bag holds EVERYTHING and makes moving around with money, cards, cameras, bottled water and souvenirs much easier. 

Bucket Bag||Forever21

Hopefully this Thailand update holds you over until the big blogs roll out! 

Which experience are you most looking forward to hearing about? Comment below, let’s chat! 

5 Responses
  • Taylor
    April 4, 2017

    I’m heading to Thailand in one month! Your blog and IG has been so helpful! Did you feel comfortable with your shoulder bag and having your camera and phone and stuff? I’m concerned about pickpockets and am not really sure how to combat it. Thank you!

    • ianthia
      April 5, 2017

      hey! Yes, at first I was a bit apprehensive but luckily we had no incidents! The people were actually very friendly. I locked my passport in the safe in the hotel and used a deep bucket bag for all my cameras, phones etc. I kept it close to me and held on to it in big crowds.

      Hope this helps!

  • Michaela
    March 22, 2017

    Excellent blog!

    What are prices like for food and tours?
    Did you plan your days (tours/sites) prior to arrival?

    • ianthia
      March 23, 2017

      Hey thanks girl! Prices were super low! We were eating big meals for as low as $9 and never spent more than $30…except one night we had a big dinner and that was still only a little over $100.
      We didn’t book our tours prior, we lucked out and met the sweetest lady who was a tour operator and literally book all of them the day before.

      Hope this helps! let me know if you need anything else!