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Who. What. Wear. (Rio de Janeiro)

What a trip! 

I’m actually still on the way home from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and still gagging over the amazing experience of being at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. After that monstrous trip, I decided to crash for a few days to decompress, relax and catch up on sleep. But you guys…


I met some of sports biggest stars, shared once in a lifetime memories with my faves, interviewed a ton of them and witnessed history made…several times!! I have so many blogs scheduled to publish about my time in Rio, the Olympics and what I’ve learned from travelling, I promise to give you all the juicy details!

But first…Who. What. Wear. (Rio)

Usually when I take a trip, I get a ton of messages from people wanting to know about my outfits, where I got them and where they can find them. So as I do after each trip, I break down my fave looks, ‘fits and attires in Who. What. Wear. 

Orange You Glad? 


There are just some pieces you buy take from your sister 🙂 that become your fave classics. I was so happy I packed this bright orange jumpsuit for my trip to Rio. It was the perfect outfit for touring the world famous Escadaria Selaron, you know those colorful steps featured in just about every traveller’s social media account? Of course I had to go there, of course I had to see them…of course my outfit had to stand out just like they do. This orange one piece perfectly complemented the reds, blues, yellows and greens of the world’s most beautiful staircase.

RIOa-820160817_124803 20160817_125510 20160817_125520

Jumpsuit|| Signature Styles (Bahamas) 

Shoes|| Aldo 

I Wear a Mean Green 


One of my favorite parts of travelling, is buying shoes and clothes unique to the country I’m in; items that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. I copped this jewel encrusted, green tunic on my trip to Dubai earlier this year and hadn’t worn it until now. I threw on a black bralette and some black leather shorts underneath and this was the outfit chosen to walk through the local markets. From a roadside market adjacent to my hotel to prancing through the beautiful streets of Santa Teresa, picking up more fashionable souvenirs along the way of course, this green piece got so many compliments and love! For the over cast, rainy day it was, this outfit was the perfect companion.

20160820_12582720160820_125157 RIO-2320160820_113746Tunic|| Gold Souk in Dubai

Leather Shorts|| H&M

Pink Panther20160822_141855So easy, so breezy, so beautiful! For the amount of walking I did this day, I was super happy I wore this outfit. This was the day we took a tour through one of Rio’s biggest favelas, Rocinha. We walked up hills, down hills, through literal cracks between houses, we ended up on some people’s front porch, took pics on someone else’s roof, we ran through markets and all for nearly an hour…but this little pink thing didn’t let me down! It was the perfect length, the perfect fit, perfect material and I paired them with my new favela inspired loafers that you see me trying on above!

20160822_140454 20160822_135339 20160822_133813 20160822_132931

Dress|| Polka Dotz Fashions (Bahamas) 

Shoes|| Roadside vendor in Santa Teresa

There you have it! My fave looks from Rio!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be back shortly with the details from the entire experience! Look out for new blog posts from my Olympic experience!


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