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Vida Cayo + Go! Life’s a Beach and I’ve got the Perfect Flip Flops!

If you follow me anywhere on social media (like here on Instagram or over here on Facebook) then you know I’m good and ready for Summer ’17 to officially drop! I’ve been tweeting, posting, sharing, anxiously waiting and counting down the days!

We’re six days away from the turn up, the parties, the events, the hot summer nights and long summer days.

Living in The Bahamas, I’m always sittin’ on ready for a beach day! So I make it a habit to keep a bag packed with all of my fave summer essentials and accessories; a bathing suit that feels like nothing, so it’s just skin and water; sunscreen to protect my melanin, a 3-hour long playlist with songs whose lyrics bounce me from the 90’s, to the 80’s and back to the present day and, now the newest and hottest additions, my Vida Cayo flip flops!

vida cayo bahamas flip flops

No summer is complete without a trusty pair of flip flips to bounce around in and this year I’m not leaving the house without my Vida Cayo!

These slippers are so bossy and effortlessly rep the 242 in a major way; for the down home islander and the tourist looking to soak up some Bahamian culture.

I absolutely love the The Nassau Harbour flip flop! It features the vibrant Bahamian $20 bill and is accented by these cranberry hued straps on either side and an equally beautifully colored sole.

vida cayo bahamas flip flops

vida cayo bahamas flip flops

The Hope Town flip flops are a beautiful blue and a cool, fun way to wear the Bahamian $10 note! I love how this pair didn’t leave out one of the most recognizable features of Hope Town, Abaco…that awesome lighthouse! Talk about attention to detail!

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vida cayo bahamas flip flops

What I love most about these shoes is the fact that they’re so comfortable and easy to wear. From wet feet at the beach, to browsing the aisles at the grocery store for the bonfire snacks; they’re not slippery, have great grip and are covered with a special coating designed to mimic the shimmer of the clear blue waters of The Bahamas when struck by sunshine.

YAAAASSSS for creativity!

Making these babies even sweeter, each pair of sandals are embossed at the bottom with the Vida Cayo brand on one foot and their tag line, “Life’s a Beach” on the other. So when you’re walking along the stretch of velvety sand, you can leave your imprint and the Vida Cayo mark!

A little birdie told me that this is just the beginning for the brand that has a pretty good head start in being the go to for fashionable beachwear and accessories. With so many beaches in The Bahamas, we need it!

Check out the Vida Cayo website to order your summer flip flops!

*This is a sponsored post but my thoughts and review are genuine, honest and sincere!*



3 Responses
  • Kerdisha
    June 19, 2017

    so cute im def looking into these

    • ianthia
      June 20, 2017

      They’re amazing!

  • craig charlow
    June 15, 2017

    AMAZING!!! Lovely blog!!#LifesABeach #TeamVidaCayo #Bahamas