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They finally got me on a pageant stage!


Guess who that is in the red and black bikini! Leading the way of course!










My “pageant days” were extremely short lived and totally forced by my aunts, grand mother and mother who had this big dream of their first niece, granddaughter and daughter strutting her stuff down runways and across pageant stages.

Although I did enter (actually I was forced into) a few pageants in my baby days, as they’d all soon find out, I wasn’t here for any of that! But on Sunday September 13, I got to cohost the 2015 Miss World Bahamas beauty pageant and was more than thrilled to give my mother her pageant moment, of sorts, (of course she was in the crowd, cheering me on as I moderated the show.) I’ve hosted so many things before; TV shows, parties, events etc. but never had I ever hosted a beauty pageant in front of a crowd, that was being taped for TV.


While it was all a rush backstage, the experience was totally amazing and fun. I cohosted with former media personality Jerome Sawyer and could really see why so many emotions and feelings are stuffed into the heels and swimsuits the ladies wear. Being on stage to be judged for every fiber of your being can’t be easy. Is you hair perfect enough? Is your body type what’s in? Are your legs long enough? Your hair, is it acceptable? How smart are you? GOSH!! I couldn’t do it, but kudos to the ladies who put themselves on front street each for the gruelling competition. At the end of the day, three ladies (according to the judges) had the perfect combination of beauty, grace and style and walked away with their crowns for Miss World Bahamas, Miss Universe Bahamas and Miss Earth Bahamas.

Two lessons I learned though; (a) being so nice, not following your first mind and sometimes giving someone the benefit of the doubt can backfire hardcore and (b) if you see a dress you love, NEVER leave it in the  store! From choosing my looks for the evening, to doing rehearsals, meeting the girls and hosting on the big night, it’s an experience I wont soon forget! Check out these photo highlights below!


My absolute favorite look of the night was fresh out of my closet. after hosting the Miss World pageant I changed into this to join the audience for the rest of the night. The top I got from Agaci and the skirt I had made a few months ago.

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