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My March needs are…

I marched into March like a boss! The year has been going oh so great for me! And I hope it continues on this path. To get through March, here’s what I’m gonna need!

1. Travel plans – Maybe it’s because I’m still on a high from my amazing trip to Barcelona, Spain (working on that blog still!), but I now have this insatiable urge to travel the world! I realised that on my trip, all I really need is my passport, a good camera and an adventurous soul to make it work! Looking at plane ticket prices to exotic locations around the world seem so high, but compare them to your Florida shopping bills and you’ll soon realize that you really should be getting value for your money. $1,200 for a trip to Thailand v.s. $1,200 for a shopping trip in Walmart?? Guess which one I’m taking!

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  A visit to Montserrat Mountain, Barcelona, Spain








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Rooftop at Hotel Casa Fuster, Barcelona, Spain

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2. Waist trainer – Finally, finally, I’ve gotten back on a real workout schedule and it’s been going great. Almost immediately, I’ve seen a major change in my body via my workout routine and of course cleaner eating. But one thing I’ve realised is that although I’m shedding a few pounds and toning up a lot, the waistline needs a little help finding its natural curve again. My sister always teases me and tells me that I have no waist, and she’s right! I will start waist training to ensure that I get maximum results from my workouts. I strayed away from the hot ticket item over the years because of the way they were being marketed and portrayed i.e., for booty models, women looking to have size 12 inch waist, for some fake materialistic body image. But after much research and thought, I decided with healthy practices and no running out…I COULD DO THIS!


3. Protective hairstyling – UGH! I am a chameleon! I crave change, I need it, I  must have it…especially with my hair! But over the past year and some months, I have done nothing different to my hair. That said being in the same style (short cut) for this long has bored me to death as well as probably been unhealthy for my hair by styling the same way with the same lame products. My go to hair style when I get in this mode is to weave it, and weave it good! Not only will I protect my hair, but I can also get a new look! FINALLY! You too can opt for a good weave or any style that suits you!


Happy March!

1 Response
  • Brenda Smith
    March 11, 2015

    Ianthia, I totally agree with this post especially the travelling and visiting places you’ve never been before. Bahamians are so comfortable with shopping in WALMART and going to Florida it’s ridiculous.