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Makeup Haul: The New BLK OPL is to Die For!

There are just some things you overlook for so long and then when you finally get hip to it, you hate yourself for missing out! 

This is how I feel about the Black Opal cosmetics line! Recently I got a boat load of the products to try out and I have fallen in love! Not only has the brand updated its look to a more sleek, fun and trendy packaging, but they’ve reformulated their products for smoother application, better coverage and added some poppin’ lip colors and blushes! 

The brand has faded to the back of the shelves over the past few years, even though the product has always been top notch. This prompted them to make a bold change to their products and look; trying to tap into a new market and modernise their strategy, even changing their logo to the hip “BLK OPL.” I DIG IT!

The new BLK OPL reminds me of me and my friends; trendy, stylish, functional and easy on the pocket. Take a look at the products I’m playing with! 


black opal

Let’s keep it real! Being a Black woman, it could be a draaaaaaaagggg trying to find the perfect shade and true match in a foundation. Our skin is so unique and special that some products just don’t cater to us! But BLK OPL is specifically made for the Black woman and all of her quirky, beautiful shades of beauty! I have finally found my true match foundation! The BLK OPL True Color Pore Perfecting Powder Foundation in Amber was definitely made for me! It’s literally the carbon copy of my skin tone and adds amazing coverage and an awesome finish! I’ve worn it alone on some days and I love the results. For days when I wanted to really beat my face with a good contour and highlight, the True Color Soft Velvet Finishing Powder really adds that final touch and glow. 


black opal

To be very honest, I was never really an eye shadow girl! I could just do my brows, line my eyes at the top and bottom, beautify my lashes and go, but with the new BLK OPL ColorSplurge Eyeshadow Duos, I am converted! Listen to me! These shadows are so petal soft and velvety and the colors almost melt into your skin, eliminating that chalky, harsh look! Now I am a brow girl and even if my makeup isn’t fixed, they’re on point! The BLK OPL Brow Shaper Contour  is excellent for those fleeky brows that shape the face so amazingly. Don’t leave the lashes out! I’m new to the falsie game and I love putting them on now, but when the time doesn’t allow, the BLK OPL Bodacious Lengths Mascara really give my blinkers a pop! 


black opal

I love my lips! The fullness, boldness, thickness of them are what make them mine! So when I’m choosing my lipsticks and colors, I carefully make my picks. The revamped BLK OPL ColorSplurge Patent Lip Glosses are perfect for me! Silky smooth, bright, rich colors and they smell good! My fave of the bunch is the “Nude Scene” shade! This one is my fave because I love a good neutral tone with a hint of gold! I could literally wear it everyday, everywhere. 


black opal

Nothing sets a highlight off like a good blush! I live for a golden, glowy finish! The BLK OPL Baked Blush in “Orchid” (bottom of photo) is EVERYTHING!!!!!! It leaves a golden, champagne, peachy kiss right on the cheeks and glows even more the longer you wear it. It adds such a subtle glow and highlight, all you have to do is smile! Top left is the Baked Blush in “Tulip” and top right is “Nectar.”

I’m still dabbling in my new babies and will soon post pics of some looks! Trust me when I say, this is no longer your mother’s makeup! 

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 *This is a sponsored post but my thoughts and reviews are genuine, honest and sincere!*