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Loc’d and Loaded: My Stylist Dishes on the New “Irie” Trend

So I’ve been sporting my faux locs for a little over a week now and I’ve fallen in love with them!

It was several months ago that I saw some of my fave celebs rocking the natural, textured ‘do, but never really took notice. My silver buzz cut was quite fine for me. But anyone who’s at the beginning phases of the natural hair journey (and anyone who knows me) knows that growing out any style gets old, it gets boring and the creamy crack is hard to resist!

I was like a drug addict, staring at jars of relaxer in my bathroom just daring myself to smear it on my head. But at 30-years-old I made a promise to myself to see my natural hair grow out at least once in my life and I think now is the time, so massaging some perm through my roots is super counter productive to the process.

That’s when a friend of mine suggested I do a protective style. I’ve done box braids, weave and wigs before and wanted to try something new and noticed that the faux locs trend ruled my Instagram explore page. From track star and Olympian Natasha Hastings, Megan Good, Tyra Banks, Rihanna, Eva Marcille and everyday beautiful women were sporting the ‘do.

static1-squarespaceNEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 15: Natasha Hastings attends Kristin Cavallari Emerald DUV Jewelry + Chinese Laundry Arrivals September 2016 Style360 at Row NYC on September 15, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)10551124_1475673072

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The more I saw the pics the more I fell in love with faux locs. So with the help of a few friends, I narrowed down my stylist choices and found this bubbly hair guru named “Bekuh.”

Find her on Instagram @beautybybekuh 


Meet Bekuh!

She had a task on her hand, trying to braid my barely there hair for the faux locs. But she’s a pro and in no time my mini ‘fro had corn rows! We chatted about everything from work to career, but most importantly, I had to know from a stylist, why the new trend is so “irie.”



Ianthia: Girl! I’ve loving this new trend, why are these faux locs so popular?! 

Bekuh: I absolutely love doing these faux locs and I think they’re so popular because of how easy they are to install and wear! It’s a great look for the cool fall season, they’re lightweight and easy to deal with and with the technique I use to do them you don’t have to sit in my chair for up to 8 or 10 hours getting them done. With me you just pop in and pop out. 

And she’s so right! Even with my very short hair which was a task to braid, Bekuh had me in and out within 3 hours! 

Bekuh: The crochet game is evolving and I try to be different with my technique. You can go anywhere and purchase the crochet hair but I try to introduce and practice different techniques which gives my clients a variety of styles to choose from.

Ianthia: As I told you, I’m trying my hardest to grow my hair out naturally just to see how it looks and feels in its natural state, you think I’m making the right choice with these faux locs? 

Bekuh: Girl, yes! You will see so much growth in a few weeks! It’s great to give your natural hair a break sometimes by doing protective styling like this. Not only that, you get to rock a new fashion trend and try something new and different from the usual braids. I love how natural they are without the commitment, I know this pisses a lot of people off who have taken the time ti grow their locs out but, such is life! 

Sorry! Not sorry! 🙂 

Ianthia: I notice that you’re braiding my hair up from the back, how come? 

Bekuh: That’s because with my technique, I want you to have versatility. So if you want to put this up in a bun you can, we don’t do bridges! Because it’s a protective style as well, I don’t do the faux locs individually. As you can see I braid the hair down and then crochet several locs on each braid. It makes no sense doing a “protective style” that will cause your hair to break. 

Ianthia: You do these so fast, how many heads do you do a day? 

Bekuh: This is like clockwork now! I think I’ve done countless heads over the past few weeks alone! I have a lot of repeat customers but new ones are always popping in. People are digging this style because they last about 6 to 8 weeks and the hair is reusable. If you take the time to remove them and not cut them out you can use them again! I think seeing a lot of celebrities now rocking the trend is also encouraging more people to try it, which is always cool, cause that means we’re in good company! 

ianthia-1737 ianthia-1739

Click this for more pics of me sporting my locs for the first time! 

I’m absolutely loving my new ‘do! 

What fall hair trends will you be rocking? Leave comments below!

2 Responses
  • Nadira
    October 31, 2016

    Bekuh is THE BEST! Not up for discussion! #sorry #oops #not sorry… She is the bomb diggity. Amazingly talented person & wonderful personality. I approve this message 1010% !! ❤Dira #customer4life

    • ianthia
      November 2, 2016

      yes! she is amazing!