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It’s October! My monthly needs are…celebrating an anniversary!

It’s a celebration! CLAP! CLAP! BRVO! This month makes one year since I started blogging my monthly needs! It all started when I found my myself making notes in my cellphone of all the cool things I came across and wanted to buy or have for that month. I decided to make it into a monthly blog post and share it with my readers. It also allowed me to free up some space in my phone’s memory and get feedback from other bloggers and visitors to my sites about the food, hair, beauty and fashion items I crave.  But of course, I seek to keep it real here, there were months I also shared the the needs I had that couldn’t be bought in a store; like peace of mind and clarity. These blogs have been greatly received over the past year and here I am 12 months later still blogging about my needs! Small milestones like these make me love being a blogger and sharing just about every aspect of my life with you! Check out the inaugural blog here! So here goes, on the one year anniversary here’s what I’m craving this October!

1. An amazing Halloween costume – I’m about done with my homemade Halloween costumes! Like seriously, over the years I was a Harajuku doll, a basketball player, Miley Cyrus and a chef, all costumes I made and pieced together. While I love a good costume party and getting dressed up to celebrate the spooky occasion, I’ve yet to come across a real amazing costume that I loved and really gone to town for my Halloween get up; complete with makeup, hair and accessories. This month, I’m on a mission to make that happen!


2. Candles, confetti and cake – I celebrate everything! Why not celebrate this milestone aye?! Happy birthday to my monthly must haves!


3. Pumpkin – This was one of my must haves on last year’s October list and yes, it’s back! I love me some pumpkin flavored everything and October is just perfect for it. Put it in my coffee, my pastries, my teas and food; it’s the most amazing flavor to usher in the final three months of the year — the holy trinity, October, November, December!


4. Mustard – No, not the condiment, the color! As I blogged about recently, fall colors are all the rage. From olives, to reds, to oranges, to browns and yellows. But mustards have stolen my heart this month. The creamy, but sharp yellowy tone has me mesmerized and excited to wear a monochromatic outfit I have lying around my room.


5. This amazing face wash – I usually have great skin and hardly worry about break outs, shine and crazy pores. But recently my skin has been trippin’ and I took a trip to a local dermatologist for a good old medical facial and treatment. I opted for the Vibraderm facial that uses a machine that vibrates these tiny grators across the face to shed dead skin and other impurities. And you know before you pay the bill they try to sell you something and I gave in to buying this Peter Thomas Roth face wash that has been working like a dream. I use it twice a week (as directed) and already could see the improvement in my skin. A must have for me!


Happy October!

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  • Rashad Amahad
    October 2, 2015

    i like being first I was born that way.