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If Christopher Columbus were a girl…

Googled photos of the famed adventurer and discoverer Christopher Columbus do him no justice! But the European legend who now has statues of his likeness erected in numerous countries wasn’t known for his fashion sense, but rather his discoveries, and to be honest, was infamous for his alleged crimes of murder, rape and prostitution. On a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain I was immersed into all things Columbus. As we do on all of our amazing trips, my photographer boyfriend Farreno Ferguson gave me this awesome photoshoot! To be honest, it started out with no theme, no thought, just the plan to keep tradition and give me some awesome photos. I had this white wide leg jumpsuit for almost a year now and thought to pair it with this floppy black hat. How European! We went to the rooftop terrace at Hotel Casa Fuster where we stayed and shot the pics! It wasn’t until he showed me the proofs, that I realised, “Hmmm, maybe this is how Christopher Columbus would have looked, if he were a girl!”

Jumpsuit: Jadazzles Clothing and Accessories (Bahamas)
Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Stiletto Shoe Loft (Bahamas)









Who run the world?? GIRLS!

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  • Crista
    May 16, 2015