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Hey, Girl, Hey! My Fave IG Pages Dedicated to My Sistas

2016 has certainly been the year of #BlackGirlMagic! 

When that hashtag started trending, I don’t think any of us really knew the power that it would hold and the movement that it birthed amongst women of color. For so many years Black women have been told to hate our skin, to change our hair and despise our big, bold features. I could vividly remember being in high school and religiously watching music videos and TV shows that entertained me, but didn’t speak to how I felt deep down inside.

I was smart, I was beautiful, even with clothes on, I deserved love and respect and no, my best qualities weren’t keeping my mouth shut, shaking my ass while making some music star look good in a video. I wasn’t the ditsy sidekick to the long hair blonde in the hottest movie out. 

These are the things the media forced down my throat, but it was a far cry from how I felt: I was a queen. I was Mother Nature. I had that God complex!

And the truth about it is, I still am all of these things and so much more, just like all of my melanin sisters!

I just love the fact that as Black women these days, we get to freely celebrate all of us: the curly, kinky, coily, 4C hair, big lips, skin tones that run the gamut from white chocolate to delicious coffee bean with all sorts of caramel and hazelnut in between; we’re celebrating our stretch marks and scars, our hips and curves and everything that makes us queen! 

I posted the below to Instagram a few weeks back, because that day my queendom was poppin’! And I now present it as an ode to all my little brown girls!


When I was a little brown girl playing with balloons and exploring my friend’s features, someone told me I was special, that the caramel that was my skin made me a queen. They told me that my lips were so big because when they spread, my smile alone could light up a room. They said my hair was to be worn like a crown atop my head, my neck should always be regal and my shoulders broad but feminine. They said little brown girls were magic. As a little brown girl someone told me that being a little brown girl was dope AF…and they were oh so right!! Cheers to all little brown girls!

My Fave IG Pages Celebrating Us!

Social media has played such an amazing role in helping Black women to see other Black women and celebrate them. There are so many pages and sites set up today that continuously teach us to love ourselves, that show us women who look like us when the media has neglected to do so for so long, pages that encourages us to embrace what makes us unique and that reminds us daily that our melanin is indeed poppin’! I’m never one to keep the goodies to myself, so I wanted to share my 6 fave beauty and lifestyle IG pages that show much love to our melanin in all areas! P.S.I’m an Instagram junkie, follow my page!

Hey, Black Girl Travel 


I’ve blogged about this page before because I absolutely love them! Black Girls Travel Too is just about that: showing the world that as Black women we see the world, we are exposed to other cultures, we get out, we have passports, we’re cultured and love exploring! They’ve also been so supportive and have reposted many of my travel pics! I blogged about it here!  P.S. That second photo is mine! 🙂

Hey, Black Girl Hair


It seems like it took us forever to get here but we are finally embracing the ‘fro! I love the fact that the bone straight, long, other people hair isn’t the go to anymore. Even when we wear weaves, we now have the option of getting weave with textures close to our natural hair! Curly, Wavy, Kinky Girls is like my resource for all things 4C! From tips, tricks and products to use on a Black woman’s hair, I learn it all. The page is also loaded with women with ultimate #hairgoals!

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Hey, Black Girl Fashion 


Black Girls Killing It is still my fave! Still on a mission to prove that Black women are a mainstay in the fashion industry this page highlights so many beautiful black trendsetters from around the world. From plus size, to petite, modern to vintage, the women featured on this page continuously give LIFE! It’s colorful, bold and the perfect place to go for your next #outfitinspo. I featured the creative genius of BGKI in a past blog post! 

Hey, Black Girl Lifestyle

If you’re like me and love to look at beautiful photos all day, then this one’s for you! The Black Queens Instagram page gives me life daily as with their endless posts of gorgeous black girls from around the world living their amazing lives. That melanin rainbow is in full effect on this page with Black women proudly rocking their hues, bald heads, curves, big lips and ‘fros!

Hey, Black Girl Business 


It’s one of those pages I’ve been following for a while now, but never really paid attention to until lately. Black women are killing it in career and business and I love how Like Boss Girls constantly gives you the inspiration to keep going, even when you don’t want to sometimes. And who doesn’t need a little inspiration, right? From owning hair salons, online boutiques, being lawyers, doctors, writers, producers, media mavens, athletes and so much more Black girls are indeed owning it!

Hey, Black Girl Blog 


As a blogger I love following other bloggers and seeing what they’re up to, Black Girls Who Blog has curated an amazing page of black girl bloggers whose works are fun and inspiring to follow. It’s a hearty collection of fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty from some amazing girl bosses!

Go on, follow them and get your life!

What are some of your favorite pages and sites for women of color? Let me know below!

**Featured image by the amazingly creative Rachel Stewart!