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Five things I cringe at handing over when a stranger asks to borrow

Older man standing next to a woman at her deskWhile towing the ridiculously long line at the Road Traffic Department to renew my driver’s license (nine months late) the other day, a man standing about three spots behind me, asked a young lady closer to me to borrow a pen so that he can fill out the renewal form. She reached into the side pocket of her purse where she had just placed the pen about 30 seconds prior, and passed it to him. Now, I’m not one to judge but when he reached for the pen, my eyes immediately glanced at his fingers and…let’s just say I said several million thank you prayers that he didn’t ask to borrow mine! I’m not a mean person, but there are some things I just have a hard time lending to strangers.

1. Pens – As mentioned above I have a hard time parting with my pens in public! I don’t know what it is but people always “forget” to return your pen. Where does the memory lapse come in between them asking, writing their names and handing it back? As  a reporter, I’m rarely caught without a pen or pencil in my bag, it’s just a habit and while it has become a part of my lifestyle, I understand that not everyone thinks this way. But you just never know when you will need such a common item, so why not be prepared? Also, germs are very real. From picking noses, to picking teeth, touching dirty surfaces or other hands, or simply “forgetting” to wash their own hands after using the bathroom, all of this goes through my head when someone asks for a pen. Maybe I’ll travel with two pens; one for me and the other to give away.

2. Umbrellas – How do you forget that you’re holding someone’s umbrella? I’d hate to see anyone have to scurry to their car in hurricane-like weather if I could help, but I would like to get my umbrella back once they’re done. Out of courtesy and respect sometimes, people loan out umbrellas and I do too, but like my friend the pen, umbrellas are often innocently scooped up and carried off into a new family without even knowing it. So how am I supposed to get to my car in the next thunderstorm?

3. Cell phones – I sleep with my cell phone, I wake up and my cell phone is right there, it’s in my hands just about all day as I conduct business and browse my favorite social media sites. 2465092169_fe9f441eca_mThat said, I love my cell phone and I jealously guard it. I don’t care for saving minutes or running up a phone tab, but a cell phone is such a personal item to me. The thought of a stranger’s ear, cheek and mouth smashed against my device makes me wanna cry. It’s so hot these days, it’s just hard to picture all of that as the person frantically calls the tow truck or a family member to get the kids from school, and they’re violently sweating on my beloved iPhone 5S. Lord take me now!

4. Ear plugs – Oh yes, people do ask to borrow these! Why? I don’t know. Ear plugs are yet another intimate, personal item that should be for the owner’s ears only. A part from the fact that ear plugs are also so easy to “forget” to return to owner…it’s just gross. Anything that’s inserted into a body part, need not be shared. I love sharing new music, reminding people of old hits or showing the latest viral video, but then I’m caught in a bit of an issue when I hear, “Let me hear it!” Damn it! What do I do now? Thank God for speakers!

5. Makeup, beauty products – Listen, I watched a full on brawl happen on Bad Girls Club (reality show) when one girl refused to let one of her roommates borrow her makeup brush during a night out at the club. Let’s just say that turned into a brawl. hygiene_skin_clip_image002_0000While I don’t condone violence, I could understand the annoyance of the girl, of people asking to borrow makeup and beauty products. I often share my makeup with my sister, which to me is fine, but even we have our own intimate supplies. It’s so weird though, because even the person asking to borrow sometimes is weirded out by the situation even offering to squeeze the lipgloss onto their finger rather than apply straight from tube to lip.  And then there’s the makeup brush, eyeliners, mascaras, lip pencils! AAAAHHH! These things are already germ magnets, makeup makes them worse and makeup and sweat and other excretions from someone else make them just horrible. Why pass on germs or even risk picking them up? I suggest everyone just travel with their own supplies or go without!

Now I sound like a big ole meanie, but I’m really not! I just like some of my things to remain my things! I’m not as anal as it seems, and I will share (at times).

4 Responses
  • Carlene
    May 3, 2016

    A great read…

  • lulu
    January 6, 2015

    well never had to borrow anyone an umbrella but never get why they live in a tropical island and don’t own one or forget theirs on a rainy day. I fell you on the rest. thanks for the past time read.

  • Lindsay Thompson
    October 11, 2014

    SOOO True, Ianthia, especially about the pen, umbrella and makeup application tools. Great Read. Keep ’em comin’…!!!!!

  • Farreno
    October 3, 2014

    Great read!