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Five 90’s hip hop trends that should make a comeback this summer

I love it when history repeats itself, especially when it comes to fashion and style! I could feel this summer will be one to watch as fashionistas from around the globe pile on eye poppin’ neons, brightly hued lips, lighten their hair and slip their feet into amazing heels and sandals! But for me, I’d love to see it take it back to the days of Aaliyah, Salt ‘N Peppa and Da Brat and slip back into some 90’s inspired styles this summer. I thought long and hard about it and I have some styles that I’m for sure going to inject throughout the summer.

1. Box braids – The last time I rocked box braids was about three years ago and I absolutely loved them! Though heavy and sometimes thick, these box braids provided so much freedom and flexibility — all things I want in my hairstyles. Not only that, box braids add so much edge and personality to any outfit, makeup style and yes, the summer!

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2. Big hoop earrings – Khloe Kardashian once said, “The bigger the hoop, the bigger the whore!” I chuckled when I heard this but I knew immediately that this statement was riddled with lies! The bigger the hoop, the more fashionable the lady! I love me some big hoop earrings for a sexy summer night out, a day at the beach or just rollin’ with the homies! Like the 90’s!


3. Baggy jeans – It’s hot! I’m not so sure my leggings, skinny leg jeans and long pants will work out for me! With the turn of the new millennium, for some odd reason we phased out those amazing baggy jeans like Aaliyah and TLC used to wear! Yes, I know, the boyfriend jeans tried to bring the baggy back, but we need to now go all the way with it! Let’s pump up the summer with some slouchin’ dropped, baggy goodness!

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4. Flannel – Let’s channel the OG Snoop Lion, better known as Snoop Dogg and pile on the flannel! Plaid, flannel, plaid, flannel — find a way to tie it around your waist, layer it over a light T-shirt, wear it with long jeans or short jeans!

fbe2f35e88cbcf94f4d039eb7e9ffbdc FullSizeRender (5)5. Bantu knots – Man I wish I could find those photos of me and my sister rocking our bantu knots back in the day! My mummy used to take her time parting our hair in small boxed sections, wrapping the hair in small elastic bands and twisting the ends into the edgy knots…the cherry on top, swrilin’ those baby hair edges down with gel! Ha! I absolutely loved wearing bantu knots! Too bad my hair is too short now to even twist in a bantu. As for the ongoing public debate as to bantu knots now becoming a trend after a white model wore them…c’mon now!


Anywho! Let’s work it out this summer and inject some of these hot 90’s styles into our looks please, I would love to see the creativity! I know I plan to do the same and throw it back to some old school goodness this summer!

P.S. Don’t feel pressured to wear all these trends at once, feel free to ease your way back into the 90’s.


1 Response
  • Crista
    July 7, 2015

    Love the throw back pics … Especially the box braids on Brandy! Need that style in my life. Great post!