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My December Needs Are…Also On My Birthday Wish List!

It’s December! The most wonderful month of the year! 

If you’re a longtime follower of my blog (thank you so much) then you know I blog my monthly needs and you’d know that December is my favorite month ever. Fall/winter is my best time of year, but when this month arrives I get super happy and festive because: 




I am sooooooo excited you guys, in just two days I celebrate the big 3-1 and unlike last year where I threw a big splash for turning 30, I’m mellowing this one out. I had some travel plans but they got thrown out of the window due to work, hectic schedules and life! But whatever…everything happens for a reason, right?! Since I wont be sippin’ cocktails in some foreign land, I’m gonna hopefully find some comfort in my new beauty and lifestyle crushes. These items are also on my birthday wish list so feel free to purchase, wrap and deliver! :)) Thanks in advance!  

My December Needs Are…

  1. Birthday love, greetings and cake – I’m such a sucker for birthdays and I love getting older, I know it sounds weird, but I love ageing gracefully, learning more, getting wiser and really falling into myself. So this December I will take the entire month to just be more open minded, selfless and wise! This isn’t a tangible gift, but being showered with kind words, hugs and love will mean the world to me! Click here to see a real #tbt to the big party I had last year for the big 3-0! Read up on why I think 30 is the magical age! 13406761_1183672121667227_2294792955649069752_n
  2. Ardell “Babies” Lashes – So I have finally learned how to put on falsies! I practiced, I tried, I got glue all over my face but finally I’m able to give my peepers a daily boost. After much trial and error with the application process, I also had some trial and error with which lashes to use! One of my fave MUAs Regina McCook gets me glammed up for hosting The BTC TV Show and introduced me to the Ardell “Babies” lashes and I have fallen in love! They are so natural looking, so easy to apply and doesn’t overpower the face! I love that I don’t have to cut them down to size, they fit perfectly! A good lash glue is key to good application as well and the best one’s don’t usually come packaged with the lash. So I use the Ardell Lash Grip glue. I have been rocking them for quite sometime now, but with so many events and activities this month, they will be my definite be my beauty go to! Feel free to purchase in bulk! 🙂 51pisx64bul products_img_109
  3. A trip because…TRAVEL IS LIFE! – This one I think I might just handle myself! I figured if I can shell out mad cash on a party, clothes and other trinkets to celebrate my birthday, why not spend it on something more rewarding? So I’ve promised myself to sit down with Expedia one night and just trip search. The goal is to book a trip to a destination I’ve been wanting to head to for a while. It wont be a gift I get to unwrap right away, but I’m sure it’ll be the one I remember most! I will definitely keep you posted on where I’ll be going!! 945589_976293268548_1624147413_n
  4. A few good books!- I’ve always been known to cuddle up with a good book every now and again. When I was younger I was a book worm and was always scanning some pages! But life and adulting happened and knocked me off my reading game. I promised myself to get back on it and I want to start with Terry McMillan’s book “I Almost Forgot About You.”  It’s about a woman who’s a successful optometrist, who has her career, life and family in tact! But she suddenly quits her job, gets a new house and shakes up her world! This sounds so familiar and something I have to read! I quit my job too! This is my December must read! I’m also a sucker for Eric Jerome Dickey so any new book from him would make an amazing gift as well! 

I can’t believe it’s already December and the year is coming to a close, maximize your days, be productive and saunter into 2017 with some swag! 

What beauty/lifestyle items are you diggin’ this month? Tell me below!