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April’s Favorite Spring Accessory…My Jord Wood Watch!


What a whirlwind 2017 has been so far! I had such a slow start to the year (mentally), but in no time everything kicked into high gear and I’ve been going, going, going for the past few weeks!

If you’re new to my blog, WELCOME, IT’S SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU HERE! 

If you’re returning, GOOD TO SEE YA AGAIN! 

I try my hardest to keep up with these monthly posts where I outline all the amazing beauty, fashion and lifestyle items I’m craving, fiending, and salivating over. I think I’ve done a pretty good job overall keeping you in the know with my fave products and I hope you’ve been loving some of the stuff I’ve been loving!

jord wood watch

This month I’m absolutely loving my newest and best spring accessory and I think you will too! I love it so much that it’s literally the only thing on this month’s must have list because it’s that friggin’ awesome! 

So my April need is…


jord wood watch

Watch Gift Ideas

First of all I never knew that a wooden watch could be so trendy, fashionable and sexy! Somehow Jord Wood Watches has managed to design some amazing timepieces that go effortlessly with every outfit and are the perfect spring accessories. 

The cool watch is lightweight and oh so beautiful. I’ve been wearing it for a little over a week now and have gotten so many compliments and stares. I love how the wooden structure effortlessly meshes with the more modern and trendy rose gold accents. 

jord wood watch

Sometimes women’s watches can be so drab and redundant while men’s watches are cooler and more fun! With Jord and my unique watch, I feel like one of the boys and I love it! 

I’m a sucker for detail, and when I picked up my package I was blown away at the presentation! The keepsake wooden box, the polishing pen, the microfiber cloth to clean the watch with…SPOT ON! The presentation was immaculate and so welcoming.  

I paired my Jord “Frankie” watch in Sandalwood and Slate with a cheeky pink skater dress and my trusty Converse All-stars for a fun spring day frolicking and flirting with flowers! 

This is definitely my fave spring accessory!

jord wood watch

jord wood watch

Hey! You can get in on the action too, because Jord is having a contest where everyone who enters gets $25 off of a watch and the winner gets $100 off a watch of their choice! That’s pretty decent if ya ask me, seeing that these watches are already so affordable!  


 *This is a sponsored post but my thoughts and review are genuine, honest and sincere!*