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7 Home + Beauty Products I’m Using (and LOVING) Now!

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I’m a sucker for new things that smell good, look good or make my house (or face) look and smell good! And over the past few weeks I’ve been digging into a few products that I’ve fallen in love with.

From keeping my edges laid, to making my very expensive candles last longer and even enjoying specialty coffees from around the world, these seven home and beauty products are making my life much easier…and sweeter!

1.Hot Pink Eraser – Move over you wet wipe makeup removers! I haven’t purchased a pack of makeup wipes in weeks and that’s because I recently got my hands on this shocking pink, terry cloth product that’s oh so perfect…and the perfect makeup remover! The Hot Pink Eraser is two-sided; one side gently removes makeup while the other exfoliates while it removes, all you have to do is add water and wipe…THAT’S IT! The best part is that it’s reusable and washable. After one purchase, you’re set to wipe away the day’s stresses and save money!

hot pink makeup eraser

2. Style Factor Edge Booster – Last year for my birthday I had the absolute privilege of getting my hair styled by the pixie queen and short hair specialist out of NYC, Gillian Garcia. While styling my hair she introduced me to this edge control and pomade she uses. I copped me a few jars and have been loving the product. Every woman I know is constantly on the hunt for a good edge control; one that doesn’t flake, doesn’t drain down into your face, isn’t super sticky and combs right out…THIS IS IT!

style factor edge booster hair edges

3. Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean face wash – I only have the sample size, but I’m so purchasing the full product. This is a multi-action foam cleanser and purifying mask that for sure wakes me up in the morning and sends me to bed feeling clean. It’s thick, but not too thick, creamy, but a little pearlescent and smells so darn good!

estee lauder foaming face wash

4. Candle warmers – I nearly melted (no pun intended) when I realized how quickly my newly bought Bath & Body Works candles were disappearing. It wasn’t until I was chatting with my sister-in-law about it and she told me she never burns her candles with fire, but instead uses a candle warmer! The electrical warmers actually heat the wax from the bottom and releases the aroma while extending your candle’s life. One downfall though, is that these take a bit longer to heat up and emit your fave scents, but totally worth it. If I’m having guests over or just want to smell something sweet, I turn them on a bit earlier to give them time to warm up.

candle warmer

5. Reusable K(eurig) Pod – I love bringing back coffees from the far-flung countries I travel too. The only thing is, these aren’t instant brews that easily dissolve in your mug. I love the reusable pod we bought for our Keurig coffee brewer to pour our own bean blends! On any given day our house could smell like Costa Rica, Cuba or Dubai.

6. Aomais Life speaker – As a blogger, writer and music lover who is keen on blasting Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step I Take” while scrolling through emails, a good bluetooth speaker is always handy. I got this one for Christmas and I love! The sound quality is insane, it’s light and portable and easily connects to my devices. The wooden finish perfectly fits my aesthetic and a good flat lay!

7. Kensie Gemstome luggage set – Finally the trio is complete!!!! I fell in love with this cute luggage set while watching Trendy at Wendy on a past episode of The Wendy Williams Show. I copped it immediately, but they were only selling the carry-on and makeup bag during the segment. I needed to complete my set and finally got my hands on the 24-inch case and now, all’s well in the world! This set gets so much attention when I fly, perfect for a travel writer!

What items are you loving on? Share with me in the comments!

2 Responses
  • Cinaed
    February 5, 2019

    Definitely gonna buy the reusable Keurig pods. I’ve seen them around and was skeptical but I’m gonna give them a try.

    • ianthia
      February 16, 2019

      Yes I love them!!!!